About Us

  • Mission

    Clean.fit helps people achieve their fitness goals and maintain mind and body wellness while enjoying delicious, all-natural, and convenient snacks and supplements. It's our mission to promote a clean.fit life: the intersection of eating well, staying fit, and practicing self-love.

  • Brand Promise

    We do the work for you to find great tasting, healthy, and wholesome fitness snacks and supplements that meet our high quality bar. We source from small batch producers: this isn't the stuff you find in your local grocery or big box store! Our vendors take pride in their products, using only the finest ingredients.

      We promise our products will Never include:

    • Artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors

    • Trans fats or partially-hydrogenated oils

    • Fake sweeteners or high-fructose corn syrup

    • Basically, no junk: just good, clean.fit foods!

  • What's in the clean.fit box?

    Each month, you'll receive 5-7 items: an assortment of clean, delicious fitness snacks and all-natural, workout enhancing supplements. Some items are full-size and some are trial; but the retail value of the box will always exceed your monthly subscription cost!

  • Notes on ingredients

    Please check the ingredients on every food item you receive in your clean.fit box to help ensure that you and your loved ones do not have an allergy or sensitivity to a product or its ingredients. While we also try to ensure that the food and drinks that come in clean.fit boxes meet our strict standards, as we do not manufacture the products themselves, we do at times have to rely on the manufacturers assurances that the products meet our standards.

    Again, as a retailer, we do not manufacture, produce, or label the goods that we sell. As such, a product could be mislabeled or otherwise compromised without our knowledge. We cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of ingredients, nutritional information, certifications, manufacturing processes, or any adverse reactions caused by any of the products we sell. We are not responsible for errors or omissions on ingredient lists, nutritional information, or manner/technique of manufacture.

    Please be aware and safe when it comes to severe allergies or sensitivities. We are not physicians and/or health care practitioners. Any suggestions we make about health claims should be checked with your physician for relevancy to you and your family's health. If you notice any errors or have any suggestions for us, please contact us at info@cleanfitbox.com.