Happy Earth Month!
April is 🌎 Earth Month 🌎, which is a great time to start (or continue!) thinking about how we can help care of our planet!

Just like everything else we talk about here at CLEAN.FIT, we believe in starting SMALL. Tiny, positive changes can add up to something big, especially when it comes to taking care of our beautiful green earth. ✨
Here are 10 simple ways to help take care of our planet! 👇


#1. Commit to using less single-use items. Instead, go for reusable items like water bottles, straws, silicone storage bags, etc. Also, try to decline utensils when getting take-out.
#2. Go paperless. Make sure your bills are coming to your inbox, not your mailbox! And instead of taking flyers/physical coupons, etc. try taking a pic on your phone instead.
#3.  Be car-conscious. Try to walk, bike, or carpool. Also, bundling your errands together can save gas (& time!).
#4.Take the time to recycle. Be sure to check what your local recycling provider picks up (sometimes they don't take certain types of plastic or glass, etc). Also, always clean off containers before putting them in the bin! 
#5. Try planting a micro garden. Even if you don't have a yard, you can pot herbs and some veggies at home!
#6. Save water. Your mama was right: turn off the sink when you're not using it!
#7. Try composting. Many municipalities pick up compost, and if not, there are easy at-home methods to try.
#8. Plant a tree. Here at CLEAN.FIT, we plant a tree for every box sold, so you're already doing this! 
#9. Save energy. Again, mama was right: turn lights off when leaving the room! Unplug things when not in use.
#10. Donate to charities making a change. This is an easy way to invest in the future!

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