Golden Girl Granola

We have to be honest... we are picky about our granola! However, when we discovered this gem, we quickly became obsessed. It's got the right amount of sweet and right amount of crunch! It's even won several taste awards - try it and you'll see why. You can pour milk in the top of the pouch and eat it out of the pouch like cereal! Or, add it to yogurt, eat it plain, or incorporate into recipes (DIY granola bars, anyone?!)

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Craize Corn Crackers

These crunchy corn crackers will make you go CRAIZE-y! (Say that three times fast!) They are savory, they are sweet, they are the perfect vessel for any treat. Top with PB&J, cheese, nut butter, fruit, guac...  You name it. You can even get creative and crumble them over soups or salad for some texture; use the crumbs for breading; or just enjoy them plain out of the bag. You're never going to look at corn chips the same way!


JEM Organics Nut Butter

Listen up, nut butter lovers: JEM handpicks the best organic ingredients to create the healthiest and best tasting nut butters possible. We think you'll agree! Use them to whip up some better-for-you fudge, top your (n)ice cream with it, use it on toast or with crackers, or just eat out of the jar. We won't tell!

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WHOA Dough Bars

These bars are going to make you say WHOA when you try them, because they are so. dang. good! Tell us they don't actually have the taste and texture of cookie dough?! That's what we thought! ;) We are obsessed and think you will be too. The best part? They are raw flour and egg-free, and made with a secret ingredient: CHICKPEAS! So you can consume them guilt-free and worry-free.

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Fruit Bliss Plums

By golly, we are PLUM crazy about these little fruits! Did you know plums are super hydrating and have many health benefits? They can lower blood sugar, relieve constipation, and benefit heart health⁠! Our friends Fruit Bliss take the highest quality organic plums, gently dehydrate them, and then RE-hydrate them with water so you get that juicy plum taste on-the-go!⁠ They are perfect for charcuterie boards, toppings for your breakfast, or just enjoyed out of the bag!

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Good2Go Bars

These keto-friendly soft-baked bars are what dreams are made of! They are made with just a few simple (and mostly organic) ingredients, plus they pack a big healthy punch!⁠You’ll find healthy brain-boosting fats, fiber, plus vitamins and minerals inside. Feeling decadent? Put on top of coconut yogurt with some nut butter for a healthy-ish "brownie" sundae! 


Bob's Red Mill Bars

Honey has super powers: It's an incredible source of antioxidants, it has anti-inflammatory effects⁠, promotes digestive health, and provides allergy relief⁠. Plus, it's BEEEEE-licious! ;) We're a huge fan of honey in any form, but are so excited that it's in these incredible energy bars! ⁠Featuring organic honey and other real food ingredients such as hearty peanut butter and whole grain oats - these are the perfect pick-me-up snack. Treat yo self!


Willow Street Snacks Biltong

These are NOT your average meat snacks: Willow Street takes pasture-raised (read: way more nutritious and delicious!) beef strips and combines it with organic fruit and spices, and gently air dries them to create a soft & tender, sweet & spicy, protein-packed biltong concoction that will blow your mind. It's perfect for a lunch on the go, a salad topper, or on that charcuterie board with Fruit Bliss plums!

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