Paromi Organic Tea

This is a full sensory tea experience! Paromi creates the finest small batch teas with only organic, clean, carefully selected ingredients. Try a chai latte with it: warm 8 oz of milk and steep bag for 10 min.

→ Staying hydrated is a GREAT way to prevent (or fight!) a cold; this lovely tea helps you do just that.

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Organic Bath Co. Hand Sanitizer

Finally a hand sanitizer that won't dry out your skin! This gentle blend is made with glycerin and essential oils to keep your skin silky smooth. Plus, it's vegan + cruelty-free!

→ Use liberally to keep the germs away.


New Chapter Fermented Vitamin C

New Chapter Fermented Vitamin C supplements are seriously an immune-boosting powerhouse! Each tablet is packed with MORE than just your daily value % of *WHOLE-FOOD* based Vitamin C: it's also blended with Elderberry, Maca and Turmeric, all well-known immune superfoods!

→ Take this proactively to avoid a cold - or take 2-3x a day if fighting one!

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This on-the-go multivitamin drink mix is GMO-free and only full of the cleanest vitamins and minerals, including zinc and 1,000mg of vitamin C. Plus, it's sugar-free and tastes great, too!

→ Taking multivitamins daily can help boost your immunity and energy!


Screen Shot 2021-11-14 at 7.49.16 PM.png
Spicely Organics Pumpkin Pie Spice

Did you know conventional spices often contain chemicals and pesticides?! Yuck! But not THIS spice - no way! It's only got the cleanest, organic spice blend inside and has a warming and delicious flavor.

→ Plus, spices contain a TON of antioxidants which are seriously immune-boosting. We're not saying pumpkin pie is good for you... but we're not NOT saying it is ;)


Resist Bars

Cinnamon + Cacao + Almond Butter. Seriously, you won't be able to resist these flavors! These decadent bars include 14g of plant-based protein and get their sweetness from allulose - an all-natural sugar that has been scientifically proven to improve insulin resistance.

→ Cacao, maca powder, & cinnamon are all rich in antioxidants, & keep your immune system strong


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Empowered Cookie

Your sweet tooth is about to thank us: this female-founded cookie company was built on the foundation that you can eat healthy, stay fit, fill your body full of great ingredients and STILL enjoy a sweet treat!

→ PLUS: blackstrap molasses has tons of great health benefits! Need we say more?

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Nomad Trail Mix

Inspired by the Northwest wilderness, this healthy and savory trail mix is your next adventure buddy! Nomad blends wild flavors into each small, perfect batch and will make your taste buds happy.

→ Shiitake mushroom, nori, orange peel, dried goji berries & dried ginger are all immune-boosting!


Mamma Chia Squeeze Blackberry Bliss

Our friends at Mamma Chia created this amazing squeeze pack with blackberries, organic chia seeds and purple carrot juice. Not only is it delicious and sugar-free, chia seeds are a great source of omega-3's!

→ Omega-3s fight inflammation and keep your body working in tip-top shape.



Your salty, crunchy, low-fat alternative to chips has arrived! Seriously, we know seaweed seems like an odd choice of snack, but it’s savory and delicious. Try it to make your own poke bowls at home!

→ Seaweed is packed full of good for you minerals including iodine, calcium, sodium, magnesium, zinc and copper (keeping you strong and healthy!).