Just Roll with It: 4 Benefits of Regular Foam Rolling

Foam rolling isn’t just for pro athletes or crossfitters! Using a foam roller is a great addition to any exercise routine and can be more effective than just stretching. What’s so great about it?

  1. It can help to prevent injury

  2. It helps break up scar tissue

  3. It improves overall mobility and range of motion

  4. It can help you access pressure points

Why is this? Your body has a layer of connective tissue called fascia, which surrounds all of your muscles. Over time, if muscles go unused, are not adequately stretched, or experience injury, fascia can fuse together, causing reduced range of motion and discomfort. By applying pressure through self-massage, you can increase blood flow, stretch, and break up scar tissue. Think of a foam roller as a seriously inexpensive alternative to a sports massage!

You can start by foam rolling one muscle group per workout. - It can be tough work to get out knots, but you’ll feel even better for your next activity or workout!

Here’s a great how-to video to help you get started with foam rolling.

Quick tip: when rolling out a specific muscle, make sure you cover the full length. For example, if you’re rolling out your quad, make sure you roll all the way down from the hip to your knee for full coverage. We love keeping a foam roller stashed in the office for a quick stretch break!

Oh, and you can purchase one on Amazon for around $10.

Roll on! ;)

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