• Renee

Ain't Nobody, Loves Me Better... (Than Me)

Self-love is almost a buzz word these days… but what does it even mean? Truly?

A lot of sh*t happens in this world that we can’t control. Heart break, job loss, hurtful words and actions by others… These things really, really suck. Sadly, they are inevitable. We live in an imperfect world, with imperfect people, who hurt other people… usually because they themselves are hurting. Even aside from the pain that others can cause unto us, bad things just happen. Car accidents, natural disasters, disease, even death… These things can’t be predicted and usually can’t be avoided either.

The ONLY thing that we can control, is how we treat ourselves. Self-love is the conscious decision to treat yourself well. This includes everything from choosing to eat nutritious and clean food, making the time to exercise, committing to only positive self-talk, and purposefully loving yourself. It also includes forgiving yourself.

No one is perfect… no one is mistake-free, no one is immune from accidentally saying or doing something stupid, no one is 100% on top of their game when it comes to diet and exercise. That’s why you must choose to forgive yourself. Instead of replaying a mistake over and and over and over inside your head, and beating yourself up for it, take a moment to tell yourself: “Yes, I made a mistake. I wasn’t my best self in that moment. But the mistake does not define me, because I am better than that. I forgive ME.” If the mistake involved hurting another person, make it right with them, of course… And then, forgive yourself and release it into the universe.

Making the conscious decision to love yourself means that you value this beautiful gift of life you were given. When you value the gifts you receive, you will find that they multiply… When you have a mindset of gratitude and abundance, you will see the physical manifestation of all the good things your heart desires… Yes, you could still face pain - that is just life; but ultimately, how you treat YOU will come full-circle: when you are kind to yourself, you will find that the universe will also treat you kindly... We usually receive what we radiate.

Loving yourself is a choice… In life, there are so many things that are not within our control, so why would you not want to choose the most beautiful thing you can do for yourself: loving YOU fully?

It all starts and ends with love. <3

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