March 2018 CLEAN.FIT Box

We are so excited to share some awesomely clean and delicious snacks and supplements with you this month! Check out some of the great items you can find in your March box - valued at over $60!

  • KIKI Health Chlorella Tablets: Naturally high in iron, B12, and protein, these little green tablets are made with free radical fighting blue-green microalgae super stars! @kikihealth

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  • Nourishing Nutz Texas Chili Medley Trail Mix: Sprouted nuts are nuts, the way Mother Nature intended them to be! They are first soaked in filtered water and sea salt, followed by a low-heat dehydration, which mimics nature's process of germination, making them easy to digest and maintaining their nutrients, like protein & vitamin B! @nourishingnutz

  • Get 20% off your online order with code CLEANFIT20

  • Organic Food Bar: Each bar contains 22G of organic, nutrient-packed, plant-based protein (from peas and pumpkin!) and is made with delicious ingredients like dates. sesame seeds, and organic almond butter. Yum! They’re great for maintaining your on-the-go snack stash. @organicfoodbar

  • Get 20% off your online order with code cleanfitbox20

  • The Yes Bar: We love The Yes Bars unique flavor combinations - great for those who are easily bored of the old standards! This savory snack bar is made with sophisticated flavors like toasted sesame seeds and nori, with just a hint of honey. @theyesbar

  • Get 20% off your online order with code YES2CLEANFIT

  • FireCreek Jerky: These yummy, convenient protein treats are made with the highest quality meat and are slow smoked to get the perfect aroma and flavor. They don’t just taste amazing, they’re also nitrate-free, soy-free, and MSG-free! @firecreekjerky

  • Genepro Organic Whey Protein: This organic protein is non-GMO (of course!), comes from Wisconsin grass-fed cows, and has vegetarian-friendly enzymes which allow for 3x better protein absorption by your body! One tbsp size serving contains a 30G of clean protein - plus, it’s tasteless for easy mixing!

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And in our Vegetarian boxes...

  • Artisana Organics Coconut Butter: Use this delicious coconut butter to make egg-free mayonnaise, chocolate coating (chocolate covered strawberries, anyone?!), or try it as a dairy-free coffee creamer replacement!

Order by Thursday, 3/15 to make sure you your very own March box!

Don't forget: you can get $5 off your first box with code WELCOME5

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