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Vegans Need Protein Too! Keep Reading for Some Easy (And Delicious) Ways to Add Protein into a Vegan

Did you know the body needs protein to create hair, skin, nails, and keep your bones healthy? Protein also keeps you feeling fuller and satisfied for longer. Getting enough protein intake can be tough with an animal product-free vegan diet. Nuts are often listed as a high protein solution to this problem, but they’re actually not a great source of protein due to the high fat content. You’d need to eat several servings to get a significant amount (more than 10 grams) of protein.

So where do you start if you’re focusing on adding more protein to a vegan diet? Our number one tip is to be conscious of having protein at every meal. By thinking about the protein in the foods you eat for each meal, you can start factoring in more high-protein foods and boost your overall protein intake. And with our lists of high protein foods and vegan protein hacks, you can make sure you’re giving your body what it needs to perform at its best!

A protein supplement is a quick option for significantly boosting your protein intake. Vegan protein supplements have anywhere from 10-25g of protein per serving, and there are dozens of options to choose from. But you don’t need to stick to just protein supplements - here are some vegan foods you might not have known are high in protein:

  • Tempeh: Made from fermented soy, tempeh comes it at 15g of protein per half cup. Fun fact: did you know tempeh is originally from Indonesia?!

  • Tofu: This soy protein has 10g per half cup. We love marinating it before searing or grilling it!

  • Sprouted bread: Depending on the brand, a 2-slice serving of sprouted bread has anywhere from 8-14g of delicious whole-grain protein.

  • Seitan: At 21g of protein per 1/3 cup, this soy-free meat substitute made from wheat protein has a ton of protein power.

Looking for a quick meal with more than 10g of protein? Here are some ideas beyond your standard protein shake:

  • Incorporate beans and grains into your meals: Grains like quinoa have 8g of protein per cup, and a cup of beans and rice contains 7g. Pair these with a soy protein source, like tofu or tempeh, and some greens, and you’ve made an easy, healthy, and high-protein meal.

  • Morning pro-atmeal: Mix your favorite protein into your oatmeal and you’ve got a quick, high protein breakfast. You can even add chia seeds, which are high in protein at 2g per tablespoon. It all adds up!

  • Make peanut butter toast: This is a super-comforting and quick snack that has around 15g of protein with two slices of sprouted grain bread and a 2 tbsp serving of peanut butter. You can even find protein nut butters for an extra protein boost!

  • Mug cake it! Need a quick treat fix? Protein mug cakes are a high-protein treat that take minutes to make. Here’s a low-carb recipe with a vegan option.

  • Did someone say pancakes? Add protein powder to pancake batter for a super satisfying post-workout meal. Blend it up to avoid lumps and let the batter sit for at least ten minutes for all the liquids to absorb and you’ll get smooth, velvety pancakes. Here’s another recipe to try!

Have any other recipes or protein hacks you’d like to share? Shoot us a note at info@cleanfitbox.com!

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