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Baobab: The Superfruit You’ve Probably Never Heard of… but Need to Know About NOW

Through our partnerships and sourcing new products to share with you, our clean.fit fam, we’re constantly being introduced to new foods, supplements, and nutritional research and information. This week we’re excited to share a bit about a superfood called Baobab.

The national tree of Madagascar, Baobab is found in many African countries, parts of Australia, and in India. Known as the ‘tree of life’, its leaves, bark, and fruit has been used for centuries as both food and for various medicinal uses, like treating diarrhea, and as a pain reliever.

Baobab leaves are often treated like a vegetable, and the tree also produces large fruit pods. The fruit has a unique flavor some say tastes a little like melon, and it’s eaten on its own or cooked in many different dishes. In Europe and the US you’re more likely to find it in crushed form as a raw powder, which makes it easy to add to your favorite smoothies and shakes so you can get all the great benefits!

In its raw state, Baobab is classified as a superfood. It has two times more antioxidants per gram than goji berries, and it contains more vitamin C per serving than oranges, a vitamin used by the body to block free radicals, produce collagen and heal wounds. Baobab also contains trace minerals, like iron, magnesium, and zinc, which regulate hormones and digestion, and is high in fiber. Just a tiny, two-teaspoon serving has two grams of fiber!

This month we’ve included powbab’s Organic Baobab Fruit Powder in our selection, so you can try this exotic superfood!

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