iWatches, and Garmins, and Fit Bits, Oh My! What Should You Be Looking for in an Activity Tracker

With so many activity trackers on the market these days, it can be overwhelming to pick the one that’s right for you. While there are many great options out there, we think these are some of the most important characteristics to consider when picking an activity tracker to supplement your workout.

Heart rate monitor: Having a heart rate monitor is a great feature, especially if you enjoy doing high intensity workouts. A heart rate monitor can let you know how hard you’re pushing yourself (and perhaps remind you when it’s time to slow down!), as well as the number of calories you’ve burned in a workout. Note: the experts say that external chest-strap heart rate monitors might be more accurate than a built-in wrist-based one. The Polar H10 external heart rate monitor uses leading-edge technology and is highly accurate; and it is compatible with any of their activity trackers.

Battery life: For the on-the-go lifestyle, battery life is huge: who has time to remember to charge their activity monitor every day?! For that reason, we love the Garmin vivofit - which uses a watch battery, and lasts for about a year (seriously!). Plus it’s waterproof.

Water resistance: Want to wear your activity tracker while at the pool or beach? Or don’t want to have to remember to take it off in the shower? We hear you! Check out the Catalyst iWatch case which is totally waterproof up to 100m (330ft) deep, and protects against drops and shocks up to 6.6ft high. That’s a win-win!

Sleep tracking: Getting a good night of sleep is so crucial to overall health and well-being. And we all know knowledge is power, so having the ability to track your sleep can help you identify any areas that you may be struggling. The Fitbit Versa 2 is lightweight and comfortable and does a great job of tracking your sleep cycles!

Accompanying app: Who doesn’t love a fancy, yet simple app that helps you understand and digest all of your activity (and sleep!) data?! For this, we think Fitbit Coach is top-notch. Plus, it has a personal training app and even soundtracks for your workout! Obviously, it’s compatible with any Fitbit device.

Have any other favorite activity trackers? Let us know! Shoot us a note at hello@cleanfitbox.com - we’d love to hear from you! :)

Note: All of the products recommended here are hand-curated by us and that are things that we have used and swear by! Please note that we may, however, earn fees from qualifying purchases as part of the Amazon Associates program.

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