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6 Ways to Get Active Outdoors

It's SPRING! Which only means one thing here in Georgia... beautiful weather coated in a nice layer of pollen. Despite all things becoming dusted in yellow, I still love spending time outdoors. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the flowers are beginning to bloom. It's beautiful and calling our names! COME OUTSIDE!

Not only is being outside enjoyable, it can also be really great for your mind and body! How you might ask? Well, let me share with you some fabulous ways to get active outdoors. There is something for everyone to do, from the stay at home mom to the traveling adventure seeker - getting active outdoors is for you!

6 Ways to Get Active Outdoors

  • Stand up paddle boarding: Stand up paddle boarding is truly a full body workout. Check out this article to read about 10 health benefits of this fun and family friendly outdoor sport. No need to own a paddle board either! You can usually rent them from a local outdoor activities center or boat marina.

  • Hiking: Hiking is a great activity to enjoy with a friend or with your pup. It's another full body workout that has many other benefits such as relieving stress and improving your overall health. Not sure where a good trail is? Check out American Trails for a trail directory by state.

  • Volleyball: Not only is volleyball a great sport to play with friends, its also a great sport to play to improve your cardiovascular health and strengthen your arms and core. Play on the beach, at the park, or at your local rec center!

  • Biking: Biking is a great outdoor activity that the whole family can participate in and allows you to fit some cardio into your day. You can bike at your local park, in your neighborhood, or to a fun destination. To make it a little more challenging, choose a location with different elevations to get a great leg workout, or even try mountain biking!

  • Get on the court: Spend some time playing basketball or tennis with your significant other, friends, or even a team. Playing basketball and tennis are a great way to get in cardio while having fun at the same time. Join a local rec league, a neighborhood team, or a pick up game at a local park.

  • Gardening: I've recently been getting into gardening lately and loving it! There are so many benefits to gardening and sprucing up your outdoor oasis. It is so rewarding to see your hard work coming to life and it can be a great way to relieve stress. Its also a great activity to strengthen the muscles in your core, arms and legs. Not to mention: you can use fresh herbs and veggies from your garden to whip up some healthy meals!

I hope this has motivated you to get active outdoors!

What other outdoor activities do you enjoy? Send us a note and share your favorite way to get fit outside!

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