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Did You Know Acro Yoga Helps Improve Your Concentration?! Plus 3 More Reasons To Try It

Although the physical act of acro yoga has been around since the beginning of the century, the term was not used until 1999. Later, in 2005, it started gaining worldwide popularity. Acro yoga is a combination of traditional Hatha or Vinyasa Flow yoga, acrobatics, and thai massage. It is a playful, yet powerful form of partner yoga practiced in two forms: Lunar and Solar. There are three vital roles involved in acro yoga: the base, the flyer, and the spotter. All three have a job and all three provide both physical and mental benefits to the yogi.

Check out these 4 amazing benefits to acro yoga:

  1. Improves Concentration: You and your partner’s safety are at risk when practicing acro yoga so your focus and presence in the moment are crucial. This practice can expand into your everyday life as well!

  2. Builds Relationships: Acro yoga involves trust and empathy, two things that grow a relationship and lead to unity whether that be a friendship or romantic relationship.

  3. Kinesthetic Awareness: Like in weightlifting or HIIT training, technique is important in acro yoga to prevent injury and improve results. Acro yoga helps to create spatial and body awareness.

  4. Improves Core Strength: Acro yoga is a combination of fluid movements that require great core strength in both the flyer and base positions.

Interested in practicing acro yoga or just learning more? Check out this Care2 article that explains a few beginner partner yoga poses or watch these tutorial videos on Youtube. Be sure to follow these awesome acro yoga instagrammers for more knowledge and inspiration! @acro_calisthenics



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