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Adding Collagen to Your Diet Is an All-Natural Way to Slow down Aging

​It won’t give you a wrinkle-free forehead, but adding a collagen supplement to your diet could help improve your skin, nails, and even your brain function!

The most common type of protein in the body, collagen makes up your connective tissue and is found nearly everywhere - it’s in your skin, muscle, bones, and ligaments, to name just a few places. Humans and animals are made up of multiple types of collagen, and the kind you find in supplement form most often comes from the cartilage and bones of cows, or from fish scales.

So why take it? As the building block of connective tissue, collagen is vital in creating and repairing all the parts of your body we mentioned before, and production declines naturally as you age. But studies are finding that you can help your body create more by eating certain foods high in vitamins and minerals, like vitamin c or manganese, which boost elastin and collagen production, or by taking high quality collagen supplements.

There are numerous studies linking collagen to various health and beauty benefits. In this 8-week study, women in a test group who were given a collagen supplement saw noticeable improvements in skin elasticity and moisture retention compared to those who took the placebo. In another study, athletes who took a collagen supplement during high intensity training experienced less joint pain while exercising and at rest, and another study identified one type of collagen as having the potential to protect the brain from proteins thought to be linked to Alzheimer’s Disease.

Like with other supplements, be sure to choose one that’s clean, and ideally certified by a third party to be free of heavy metals. Mix your supplement into a morning smoothie, or into your favorite healthy baked recipe for a yummy, collagen-rich treat!

You’ll get to try collagen peptides for yourself with this month’s CLEAN.FIT box! We’re including Lurong Living’s Paradigm Protein, made with collagen peptides from grass-fed cattle!

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