PaddleFIT: The Latest On-The-Water Workout Craze!

We'd like to introduce to you our guest blogger for the week, Kat von Hacke. Kat is a certified personal trainer and PaddleFIT instructor. She is inspiring and innovative - check out Kat's "Doing What I Love" story on her Facebook page here. When it comes to designing workout programs, she has a passion for helping any and everyone. She even led a class, with very limited equipment, for the inmates in the prison where she worked. Kat is here to tell us all about PaddleFIT and why YOU should try it out too!

PaddleFIT is a total body workout that uses resistance bands, body weight, and paddles to challenge the upper and lower body - along with lots of cardio! This workout has it all!

PaddleFIT is a great class because it really works the entire core and challenges your balance. Core strength is the foundation for all exercises and without a strong core people are at a high risk for injuries. (Back injuries are one of the most common injuries in the US). Balance is equally important, it allows us to function through everyday tasks without falling or having accidents, especially as we get older.

We have all ages and abilities that attend PaddleFIT. We are able to modify the workout when needed. That’s what’s so neat about this class, you can make it easier or harder. The biggest challenge of PaddleFIT is the amount of core strength and balance you need in order to perform each exercise, but don't let that stop you from trying it!

People really enjoy getting out and doing something different. I think being on the lake, in the fresh air and sunshine, is relaxing and refreshing for most people. Plus, if you fall in, the water feels great!

Ready to try it out?! PaddleFIT is offered on Lake Lanier at the Olympic Rowing Venue in Gainesville, Ga.

If PaddleFIT sounds like something you’d love to try, but you don't live close by, relax, try this at home version of it! All you need is a BOSU Ball, a paddle (or stick, broom etc) and some resistance bands. Try it at home and let us know what you think!

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