September 2018 CLEAN.FIT Box

Prebiotics, powdered ACV, Paleo goodies, and more - the September box is packed with goodness that you won't want to miss! Here's what you can find in this CLEAN.FIT box:

  • Paleo Ranch: You are going to love this Sriracha honey bacon jerky! Not to mention, their delicious SKINNY protein bars made with cage-free egg white protein and just a handful of whole-food ingredients. Plus, Paleo Ranch sources from only humane farms!

  • Eat Clean Meal Prep: Looking for the easiest way to add some variety to your healthy meals without adding extra calories? Sprinkle this Kung Pao seasoning blend over your salads, grilled veggies, or meats for a big flavor twist. This yummy combination is made with toasted sesame seeds, tangy orange peel, and coriander!

  • Use promo code CLEANFITBOX to get 15% off at eatcleanmealprep.com

  • ​GoMacro: Passionate about sharing the benefits of a balanced, plant-based diet with the world, the mother-daughter team at GoMacro create raw, superfood snack bars that are vegan, gluten-free, and delicious! We’re always toting one or two of these around for snack emergencies!

  • Use promo code CLEANFIT30 to get 30% off your order at gomacro.com

  • MSPrebiotic Powder: Healthy is a gut feeling… literally! Prebiotics encourage the growth of healthy gut bacteria, which is critical to your overall health. Read more on our recent blog post! MSPrebiotic also contains 7g of fiber per scoop - more than 25% of your recommended daily intake.

  • Use promo code FITCLEAN to get $5 off your full-size order at msprebiotic.com

  • ​Nature's Bandits: Ever crave gummies or candy but without feeling like you’re eating pure sugar? These little snack packs are full of chewy, satisfying fruit sticks made of apple and veggies - tasty gummy snacks that are nice to your tummy and teeth!

  • ​Paleo Ethics: Unlike most fitness supplements, Paleo Ethics’ blends are paleo-compatible, made of completely natural non-GMO ingredients, and are free of space-wasting fillers and unhealthy, processed substances. Their clean protein is a grass-fed beef protein blend that will leave you feeling full, satisfied, and bloat-free...no tummy bubbles!

  • SqueezeDried powdered ACV: Does apple cider vinegar (ACV) make your eyes well up with tears!? Not any more! Get all the benefits of apple cider vinegar in a dehydrated, delicious powdered form you’ll love. Bonus - you can take them on the go and not have to worry about the stinky vinegar smell!

  • Use promo code cleanfit to get 25% off your order at squeezedried.com

​We can't wait to hear what you thought of this month's box! We hope you loved it as much as we did!

Fueling you to be the best version of YOU. ♥

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