August 2018 CLEAN.FIT Box

With everything from iced tea and coffee to chocolate spread and drinkable oats, this month's box is sure to please your palate. It is packed full of goodies for at home and on the go! Here's what you can expect in this month's CLEAN.FIT box:

  • Huppy Bars: Created by Lyndsay “Huppy” Hupp, a Grand Canyon river guide, these snack bars are designed to be satisfying, delicious, and nutrient dense for long days of activity.

  • Use promo code CLEANFITBOGO to get a dozen bars free when you order one dozen at huppybar.com

  • Nuti-light Protein+: This heavenly dark chocolate+hazelnut treat is non-GMO, contains no artificial ingredients or added sugar and it has 6G of plant-based protein! Basically, it’s totally okay to eat this straight out of the jar. Enjoy!

  • Use promo code cleanfitbox to get 15% off your online order at nutilight.com

  • ​ProJuce Organic Greens Powder: With Projuce Greens Powder blend, you can get your full daily servings of fruits and vegetables in one handy powder sachet.

  • Use promo code cleanfit to get 10% off your online order at drinkprojuce.com

  • ​RX coffee: Founded by crossfitters who wanted to share their love of coffee and adventure, this specialty, limited-edition coffee blend is made from hand-sourced batches of single origin beans.

  • Sprout Living: Sprout Living's yummy products are made with non-GMO plant protein, plus superfoods like spirulina and lucuma.

  • Use promo code sproutfit20 to get 20% off your online order at sproutliving.com

  • ​Story of My Tea: Story Of My Tea was born out of passion for tea, mindfulness, travel, and other cultures. The summertime is a great time to enjoy their cold-brew iced tea!

  • Use promo code CLEANFIT to get $5 off your online order at storyofmytea.com

  • ​Verb Energy Bars: Each of these yummy bars has the caffeine equivalent to an espresso, and they get their kick from natural green tea. @verbenergy

  • Use promo code DISCOUNT20 to get 20% off your online order at verbenergy.co

​We can't wait to hear what you thought of this month's box! We hope you loved it as much as we did!

Fueling you to be the best version of YOU. ♥

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