There's Nothing Worse Than Being Sick While Your Traveling! Here's How To Cope

Today on the blog, we're happy to feature Christine Johnson, from MyTravelingKids! Check out her blog for tips on making the most of traveling, especially with kids. Here, she will share ten tips for what to do if you get sick while traveling!

Life doesn’t always happen the way you want it to and sometimes even when you’re in paradise, you can get sick. I wish you could just snap your fingers and feel better, but it’s not that easy. However, there are some things you can do to help your recovery, or at least make yourself more comfortable.

Here are 10 things you can do when you’re sick while traveling:

REST: I know you’ve spent a long time planning this trip and have lots of adventures you want to do, but if you don’t want to be sick for your entire trip, you need to get some rest. Grab some pillows and blankets and camp out on the couch in your hotel room. Tell your family to have a fun day without you and spend your day recovering.

SLEEP: I’m sure you’re dying to get out and explore the town, but you need to get plenty of sleep. Go to bed early and sleep late. Lack of sleep will weaken your immune system so this is the perfect time to start taking naps. I always pack Nyquil in my suitcase to help me get a good night’s sleep.

HOT SHOWERS: A stuffy head, aching sinuses, and a nagging cough may have you feeling miserable, but a hot steamy shower will loosen the congestion and make you breathe a little easier. You could also run hot water in the bathroom sink, hold your head over it and drape a towel over yourself to get some reliefs. Be careful not to burn yourself.

LIQUIDS: It’s important to hydrate when you’re sick so drink plenty of water, tea, and beverages with electrolytes. Now is not the time to have caffeine or alcohol so you may want to wait on those until you’re feeling better.

HOT BEVERAGES: Nothing soothes a sore throat better than a hot beverage. Make use of the coffee maker in your room to brew some tea. If you tell the front desk you’re not feeling well they can usually get you some tea bags, lemon slices, and honey, which is all you need for a soothing cup of tea.

BELLY FOOD: Although there may be some delicious restaurants where you’re staying, you’ll want to keep your meals bland if your stomach is not agreeing with you. Some safe bets are ginger ale, crackers, and toast.

EXTRA PILLOWS: Elevating your head can open your airways and ease sinus pressure. It also helps with post nasal drip, which could be keeping you up at night.

GARGLE: Gargling warm salty water can help sooth your throat. Again, the front desk could usually get you some salt if you call them.

SOUP: Soup is one of the best things you could eat when you’re sick. The hot liquid soothes your throat, it helps hydrate you, and the steam opens your sinuses. I like chicken soup when I’m sick but some of my friends swear by spicy soup.

COMFY CLOTHES: Get out of those skinny jeans and throw on some comfy sweatpants. Better yet…why get dressed at all…stay in your pajamas all day! Now is the perfect time to wrap yourself up in that thick cotton robe the hotel has provided!

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