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These Winter Activities Are a Serious Full-Body Workout!

Ah, the wintertime: the season for the joys of family, friends, travel, and… eating!

We’re all about #treatyoself and enjoying the delicious food that the holidays have to offer. However, it’s also important to stay active and make sure that we’re burning off (at least some of!) those calories we’ve been chowing down on. Looking for a change of pace from your normal gym routine? Or maybe you’re home for the holidays and don’t have access to your normal workout facility! Either way, we’re sharing 5 of our favorite winter activities that are also full-body workouts!

Ice Skating: Who doesn’t love this classic winter activity?! Take your kiddos/ nieces and nephews/ cousins/ neighbors/or just your awesome self to the local skating rink and get moving! Even if you’re not a pro-skater, you’ll still torch some calories on the ice. Experts estimate you can burn between 300-650 calories per hour. Plus, you’ll strengthen smaller muscles that you don’t use as often, and it’s great for building balance and coordination! Be sure to pump your arms while skating to get an upper body workout in as well.

Hot Yoga: Hot yoga, also often referred to as Bikram yoga, is a style of yoga traditionally practiced in a room heated to 95–108 °F. (Note: while Bikram yoga is a form of hot yoga, not all hot yoga classes are Bikram. For example, you can also find hot Vinyasa classes.) Hot yoga is thought to burn between 400 and 600 calories per hour. Benefits include toning your muscles, building strength, and stimulating organs for improved system functioning. Hot yoga also (naturally) encourages increased sweating, which generally leads to the consumption of more fluids, which means it can indirectly aid in detoxification. Lastly, as with all yoga practice, benefits include increased flexibility, improved posture, and stress relief.

Rock Climbing: Looking for an indoor activity that’s fun and different? Consider (indoor) rock climbing! Not only is it a great activity to do with friends, it’s also excellent for building both strength and endurance. Rock climbing requires complex, dynamic movements - pushing, pulling, lifting, and balance - resulting in a full-body workout. Estimates on calories burned during rock climbing are anywhere from 500-900 calories per hour (wow!).

Shoveling snow: It’s not just for good-looking driveways anymore! Want to earn some brownie points with your spouse/parents/great aunt Margaret? Volunteer to do some snow shoveling! Harvard Medical School estimates that the average adult burns around 200 calories with just 30 minutes of shoveling. Bonus points: your body burns more calories when you’re cold! Keep your core engaged while shoveling to protect your lower back, and strengthen your abs!

Trampolining: This activity takes us back to our childhood - where carefree afternoons were spent bouncing on a trampoline! Talk about a fun (and low-impact) way to burn calories indoors: a recent study showed that trampolining can burn between 500-600 calories per hour. Know a kiddo with an trampoline? See if you can borrow it for this 40-minute trampoline workout. Or look for a Sky Zone in your area and get yo jump on!

Have you tried any of these activities?! If so, what’d you think? We wanna hear! Please share them with us in the #cleanfitfam Facebook group! :)

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