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2019: Best Year, Best Life

Hey #cleanfitfam - HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Here we are, a week into 2019… How are you feeling so far about this year?! If you’re like me, while you can’t believe how fast 2018 flew by… you’re pumped about the possibilities of the year ahead! I truly believe that 2019 will be the BEST YEAR yet!

Now, I am not a believer that someone has to wait until the turn of the year to make significant change in their lives (quite the contrary, actually!), but there is something refreshing and motivating about the feel of a clean state that comes along with a new year.

I am by no means perfect - heck, I’m not anywhere close! But good news… You don’t have to be perfect to live your #bestlife! To me, living your best life means getting clear on your priorities (defining your values), figuring out what you need to do to be the best version of yourself in those areas (setting your goals), and then taking action and evaluating your progress along the way (hard work + self awareness).

Ready to live your #bestlife in 2019 too?! Let’s DO THIS!

First things first… To get to where you want to go, you must know where you’re coming from.

I am a strong believer in doing self-debriefs regularly, particularly after a big project or initiative, or a season of life. I think it’s critical to take a look at how everything went - and ask myself, where did I crush it, and what do I need to do better next time?

The end of a year is a great time to do this on a macro-level - and evaluate where you currently stand in all the areas of life that are important to you.

Let’s start by getting clear on our values.

Write down 5-7 of the top priority in your life (aka your value set). Here are my personal values, in no particular order: Physical Health, Family, Relationships (friendships, business relationships, and romantic relationships), Spiritual Health, Financial Health, Mental/Emotional Health (aka self-care), and Personal Growth. Your values might include some or all of these, or they could be totally different!

For the debrief, go through and write down your big wins and losses in each bucket. You can even give yourself a 1-5 rating in each area, and look at your rating year over year to see your progress.

Next, it’s time to set our #lifegoals. (NBD…)

The way I like to do this is write down one statement - what I call “power statement” - per value/focus area, proclaiming with certainty the type of person I want to be in each area. In other words, I make a statement as if the highest version of myself is already true. Writing it as if it’s already true gives it a bigger weight of importance, and has a powerful affect on how your brain focuses on it.

Here are my “power statements” for 2019:

  • Physical Health: I am strong and I fuel my body with high-quality, nutritious foods so that I can live a long, healthy life and have the chance to positively impact many people.

  • Family: I make time to get to know and support my family members.

  • Relationships: I invest in the relationships with people who are important to me.

  • Spiritual Health: I make time for daily prayer and meditation.

  • Financial Health: I make smart personal finance decisions, and I have a successful, thriving business that helps other people become better versions of themselves.

  • Mental/Emotional Health: I make time to take care of me, and I accept myself for who I am - and I forgive myself when I fall short of my own expectations.

  • Personal Growth: I make time to learn and grow so that I can help others learn and grow.

Within each category, I then set 1-3 goals that if reached, will make my power statement true.

Here are a couple examples of my goals (I won’t bore you by listing them all ;)

  • Physical Health:

  • 1x per week HIIT bootcamp, 2x per week strength training, 1x per week yoga

  • Eat Pegan (paleo + vegan) 6 days per week

  • Limit alcohol to 1 day per week

  • Spiritual Health:

  • Spend 5 minutes each evening of “quiet time” for prayer and meditation.

  • Personal Growth:

  • Attend Spanish lessons weekly

  • Read 1 book a month

Now it’s time to make it happen!

Your goals should be actionable and specific, so that you can use them to guide your daily, weekly, and monthly schedules and routines. And let the [hard] work begin - #justdoit! ;)

Don’t forget to evaluate your progress along the way! Bi-weekly check-ins on my progress to goals work best to me, but find the cadence that works for you. A productivity journal such as the Passion Planner or the Mastery Journal can help guide you though this evaluation progress!

Bonus: coin your personal tagline for the year.

This may sound cheesy, but I like to coin a phrase or motto for the year that will be the guiding light for all the goals I plan to accomplish.

My 2019 motto is “No Fear, No Excuses”. I have committed myself to not let fear hold me back from doing the things that I have set forth to accomplish, and I refuse to allow myself to make excuses that get in the way of living the life I am meant to live. As long as I am working towards my goals with “No Fear, No Excuses”, it will be hard to let anything stand in the way of my making them happen!

What are YOUR 2019 goals? I’d love to hear! Please share them with us on Facebook!

Stay awesome, friends - and make 2019 the best year YET!

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