April 2019 CLEAN.FIT Box


Check out the April CLEAN.FIT Box - packed full of clean and delicious goodies to fuel the best version of yourself!

  • Kalifornia Keto K*bites: Dust off your apron for this super easy K*Bites mix! Simply add nut butter (try with Motha Butta!) and water. With energy-sustaining MCT oil and healthy fats, these yummy bites will keep you fueled for hours. PRO TIP: for a lower-fat version, use powdered PBFit (w/ water) from your January box! @kaliforniaketo.

  • Love it? Use code CLEAN15 for 15% off at kaliforniaketo.com

  • Nooma Organic: Just worked up a good sweat? Enjoy a cold NOOMA! These real-ingredient sports drinks are the perfect way to hydrate after a workout. Organic, vegan, keto, 30 calories, and no added sugar. @drinknoomaLove it?

  • Love it? Use code CleanNOOMA20 for 20% off at drinknooma.com

  • Laird Superfoods: These tasty gems are made with clean ingredients; and are nutrient-dense, vegan, GF, and 100% organic. No need to scan the label for added sugars or preservatives: you won’t find them! Hello, Clean Cookies. @sunandswellfoods

  • Love it? Use code CLEANFIT20 for 20% off at lairdsuperfood.com

  • Sun & Swell Foods: Hey smarty pants! We think you'll love IQ Bar, with six nutrients shown to support sustained cognitive performance! Plus, they are vegan and Keto-friendly, and are perfect for an afternoon (or morning) snack! @eatiqbar

  • Love it? Use code CLEANFIT20 for 20% off at sunandswellfoods.com

  • Multiforce Alkalizing Mineral Powder: Have you heard the buzz about the benefits of alkaline water? The science behind it is that it can bring back the optimal pH balance of alkalinity and acidity in your body. Having the right pH balance can mitigate symptoms of acid-related issues such as osteoporosis, kidney stones, heartburn, gout, chronic fatigue, joint pain and urinary infections. Multiforce is an all-natural alkaline powder that contains acid-reducing minerals to help support your body’s regulating mechanisms and balance your pH levels. Simply mix 1 tsp with water and enjoy it daily. @multiforce_usa multiforcehealth.com

  • Eat the Bear: These aren't your average cookies! Made with just a few, REAL ingredients and superfoods, they're so yummy you won't believe they're good for you. Find them at etbfit.com.

  • Motha Butta: Motha Butta is handcrafted in Portland, OR and is made with just 3 ingredients. You can use it to make icing or butter coffee; add it in or on smoothies; or try it on top of ice cream, fruit or yogurt to create a magic shell. @mothabutta

  • Love it? Use code CFB19 for 10% off at mothabutta.com

Check out CLEAN.FIT founder Renee unboxing the April box!

Can't wait to hear what you think! Don't miss out on next month's box - get yours here! And use code WELCOME5 for $5 off your first box 😀

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