Alkaline Water: Great Or Gimmick?

Drink Up

Taking your health seriously starts with what your drink. If you’re drinking enough water, every day, you already know that this simple act creates a strong foundation for your diet and well-being. But the quality of the water you drink is important too. Recent news reports have highlighted the benefits of alkaline water, but how is it different to your usual tap or bottled water? Let’s find out.

What is Alkaline Water?

Alkaline water is more alkaline than some bottled waters or filtered water, and contains alkalizing compounds, like calcium, potassium and bicarbonate. These important minerals help your body function and keep your internal systems working well. Alkaline water generally has a pH levelreading above 7, compared to your tap, filtered or bottled water, which is most often neutral in pH (with a pH around 7) or in some instances more acidic (with a pH below 7).

What Does Alkaline Water Really Do?

Many people seem to be touting alkaline water (just like the alkaline diet) as the next elixir of youth, due to the belief that it neutralizes the acid in your body, which can therefore prevent various diseases. But… it’s not necessarily a fix-all solution for your health. While a 2012 study did find that drinking alkaline water could help to treat or reduce the effects of acid reflux, and other research has found that it can help with replenishing electrolytes after a strenuous workout, many researchers and health professionals are still on the fence as to the benefits of alkaline water and more studies will be required to determine the exact benefits of this wonder drink.

The Label May Be Lying

While many bottled water brands claim to have a neutral pH level, or that they’re more alkaline than normal tap water, that’s not always the case. It’s simple to check how acidic or alkaline your bottled or filtered tap water is. Pick up a pH level test kit from your local health store or pharmacy, and test your water at home. Test your water samples in accordance with the instruction manual, and you’ll soon see how different color readings show varied levels of acidity or alkalinity. Very often, the water you get from your kitchen tap is closer to neutral, or even more alkaline, than many bottled waters you find in stores. It’s also important to remember that flavored or carbonated waters often have sugar or other sweeteners added to it, which can make them more acidic than normal water.

Adding Up the Alkaline

Good health is all about balance, so only consuming alkaline water could disrupt your body’s organs and systems. If you’re concerned about the quality of the water you drink, test it, but remember that most tap or filtered water is pH neutral. You can further eliminate acidity from your body by making sure to cut down on fast foods and sugars, and replacing them with green vegetables and healthier, more alkaline, food. You can also counteract the effects of ingesting acidic food by using a daily alkaline mineral supplement, like Multiforce®.

Live life, balanced

You run your life like a well-oiled machine, so your body should run one like one, too. One of the most important processes your body undertakes to keep its so-called engine running, is holding itself in balance, by regulating the pH level of its internal systems and fluids. Keeping that balance between acidity and alkalinity is vital for your bodily functions and overall health, and an alkaline mineral supplement can help your body do just that.

1. It’s So Easy to Stay Balanced

You’ve read about the celebrities who follow an alkaline diet, but without the assistance of a personal chef and trainer, you’re feeling a little thin on resources, to ensure that you’re shopping right, cooking, and eating well. That’s where an alkaline mineral supplement can assist: by helping you bring back the balance, even if your schedule includes busy luncheons and big feasts.

2. Superb Snoozing

We all know how important sleep is, but our busy lives often mean we’re neglecting our quality time with our pillows. Your body’s ability to fall, or stay, asleep can also be affected by a lack of Potassium. Potassium is not something our bodies can produce naturally, so it’s up to us to pack it in, how ever we can. If you’ve not managed to eat enough green vegetables and nutritious fruit recently, the additional Potassium found in an alkaline supplement could help you catch almost all those forty winks, that you so desperately need.

3. Big on Bone Health

Your ability to move, jump, run, and explore your way through life depends on so many things, but the foundation of all them is your bones. Thanks to our strong bones, we’re able to do so much more, for so much longer. Staving off, or preventing, the onset of osteoarthritis, is important for your long-term health. Thanks to an alkaline mineral supplement that includes a healthy dose of Calcium, maintaining healthy bones are easy.

4. Supreme Skin Health

Potassium really is one of your body’s best pals, and not just for its internal systems. Too little Potassium in your diet could lead your skin to become quite dry. Potassium helps your skin at a cellular level, helping to maintain electrolyte levels and ensure hydration. If you’re looking to add a little sparkle to your skin, an alkaline supplement that contains a good dose of Potassium, could be your best starting point.

5. Magnesium for Maximum Health

Magnesium is an important mineral that supports hundreds of biochemical processes that take place within your body. Magnesium helps to lower, or manage, your blood pressure and it can help take the edge off your anxiety. Having low levels of magnesium can also be a risk factor for Osteoporosis.

For all of those exercise junkies, magnesium has been shown to enhance exercise performance. During exercise, our bodies need 10-20% more magnesium and this can be provided by an alkaline supplement that contains sufficient magnesium. If you suffer from cramping when you exercise, an alkaline supplement will do wonders to assist in a pain-free routine.

6. Maximum Give Heartburn the Old Heave-Ho

You know that feeling when you’ve overindulged at the dinner table and start feeling queasy or when you’ve consumed too many unhealthy foodssuch as fast food, sugar, and wheat? Heartburn triggers are very common and can result in that tell-tale burning sensation in your chest and in the back of your throat, that just won’t go away. Here’s the good news – a daily dose of an alkaline mineral supplement can help you give heartburn the old heave-ho, by assisting to regulate the delicate balance of acidity and alkalinity within your digestive system.

7. Bid Inflammation Farewell

One of your body’s most obvious responses to disease, infection, illness or injury is inflammation. Inflammation, or swelling, is most easily noticed in joints and your muscles, but it can happen within your organs and cells, too. An alkaline mineral supplement can help, at a cellular level, to alleviate inflammation, and helps your body to maintain its crucial pH balance.

You and Multiforce®

To help you live life, balanced, there’s Multiforce®. An alkalizing multi-mineral dietary supplement that helps to support the body’s pH regulating mechanisms, Multiforce® can help you bring back the balance from the inside out. It’s exceptionally easy to shop online and have a bottle of Multiforce® delivered right to your doorstep.

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