Best Recipe for a Last Minute Wellness Retreat

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It’s so important to carve a little time for yourself. The best wellness retreat is not out of reach, can be super affordable and can be accomplished with a few simple ingredients! It’s not what you think,’s the kind of wellness retreat you don’t plan!

My co-founder and I just took a spur of the moment, no frills, cheap trip to the beach. It was a working trip and we ended up making it our own personal wellness retreat as well. After it was all said and done, we found ourselves in a completely different mindset than when we arrived. It’s about taking time for you and no one else and boy, was it the best!

Not much planning, just a quick phone call to get a grocery list thrown together, divided it in half and that was it! We packed a bag and the blender and we headed out. We arrived just in time for an nice walk on the beach before the sun set. We immediately felt the energy of the ocean bring our vibration into alignment. Weather was questionable for this weekend and quite cold, it’s off season, so that meant peace and quiet and not a soul in sight! We were so busy working that week that neither one of us gave the weather a second thought, knowing how amazing it could be to be out of town with no responsibilities...we both so desperately needed it and turns out the weather was beautiful, just for us…;-)!

What we were about to embark upon was even better than we could have planned. We were able to create the perfect day when we woke the next morning. We filled our time with everything that brought us joy! We didn’t exert a lot of energy, we didn’t spend a lot of money, it was about being grateful and making the most of what we had. We wanted to share this experience with you, as it was so easy, yet so fulfilling that we want you to have this recipe for a great last minute getaway.

Getting out of your element is so beneficial to the soul and it calms the mind to put into focus what really matters. It is so important to take a step back from your life, look at it from a different perspective and know exactly which direction you need to go from here. It is so necessary for the body and the mind to reconnect, as they should. And you can give yourself permission to press the pause button for a little while, while your body and mind catch up. It won’t be the end of the world at home and you can regroup and clear the clutter and find your focus again. Not something I ever take the time to do for myself, but I’m learning! Learning just how important it is to take care of yourself first. It’s about laughter. It’s about self-love. Being able to reemerge into society as someone who’s not afraid to go against the grain, not afraid to take the road less taken, not afraid to be her own advocate for her body, not afraid to love her body and ultimately grateful for it’s healing capabilities. What I want to share with you today, is the promise of hope. Hope that through self awareness and listening to the signs the universe throws your direction, just could be the recipe for the perfect realization of the awesome thing right in front of you...YOU!

We woke with no alarm feeling extremely rested. We started our day with hot tea on the balcony, followed by an hour long walk on the beach to get our steps in. Made our green smoothies and enjoyed them in the sun. Great laughs with my soul sister, followed by moments of quiet time in reflection. We made ahead something to look forward to for dinner. My leftover lentils and roasted veggies with the quinoa she cooked the night before and that was the inspiration behind a new recipe for our website. It was an awesome experience because we just used what we had and ended up making the freshest, cleanest, easiest meal and it couldn’t have tasted better. This would turn into our Veggie Quinoa Salad.

We listened to music, all kinds of music, but mostly the ones that brought back memories of our younger selves but ultimately, those that brought us joy! We enjoyed lots of tea time, cold pressed juices, lemon water and quiet meditation and had a wonderful dinner to look forward to soon. We worked and collaborated and wrote and designed and just enjoyed the peace factor. The feeling of taking care of ourselves and no one else, was so desired and needed and the reality that we were actually doing that was so satisfying. Such a different concept for both of us, as our day to day consists of kids and calendars and driving and society. We never left the room but to go for a walk. We didn’t drive anywhere, we didn’t see anyone. Our bodies had the peace and calm needed to regenerate.

We awoke the next day still feeling blissful, continued our same things that made us happy and packed up for home. From the time we got there to the time we left, it was really only 45 hours. And in that time we were able to rest and relax in the peace and calm so much so, that we could hear what was going on inside our heads and our hearts. Looking back on it now, the only thing we could have used was our Clean.Fit box of goodies to enjoy! It wouldn’t be until after this trip that we would be so fortunate to meet Renee and learn about her beautiful offering that falls right in line with our beliefs and we can’t wait to offer Clean.Fit box to our clients! We help clients sift through the vast ocean of healthy alternatives out there and during our retreat we looked out onto the ocean, just like our namesake, and realized we are exactly where we need to be at this present moment in time...ready to support you on your journey to wellness!

Between the clean food, the peace and calm, the great music, the pristine beach, to the green smoothies, to the walks on the was the perfect recipe for a great Wellness Retreat!


  • A good friend

  • Clean food

  • Hot tea

  • Cold-pressed juices

  • Meditation & Reflection

  • Beautiful weather

  • Beautiful place

  • Long walks

  • Peace & Calm, not a sole in sight!

  • Bentonite clay masks

  • Rest

  • Green smoothies

  • Happy songs

  • Sunshine

  • Blessing that phone died!

  • Heated blankets

  • Comfy clothes

  • Lemon water

Mix them all together and this is what ‘peace and calm and restful and content and grateful’ feel like. Enjoy your new vibration and see what it feels like to truly live in ‘A Higher State of Being’!

Lori Jones and Cortney Baker are the Co-founders of The Wellness Ocean, a health and wellness consulting business here in Austin, as well as a website with weekly blogs, recipes and recommended products. Their passion for health and wellness came out of their own unique wellness journeys but were brought together when our standard American diet and Western medicine was no longer an option for them. With the belief in the body’s ability to heal itself through education and empowerment around what you put in your body, on your body and in your home environment, came a movement they want anyone and everyone to have access to. They offer one on one support and guidance with food and skincare labels, healthy swaps, ways to ‘healthify’ your favorite recipes, personal pantry and grocery visits with you, and so much more. It is their mission to educate others how to care for the bodies they were blessed with to prevent or reverse disease, for the better of our ourselves, our children, our society...our planet! Check them out here to learn more about their FREE 30-minute consultation and all they have to offer!

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