4 Fitness Benefits of Spirulina and Chlorella

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It’s hard to keep up with all of the protein bars, powders, and pre-workout formulas on the market today. How do you know what’s TRULY healthy and natural? In the United States, companies are even allowed to use “code names” for certain artificial ingredients in hopes of convincing you that it’s nutritious & healthy!

Thankfully, Mother Nature has a solution… algae! Health experts like Dr. Joel Khan, Ben Greenfield, Wellness Mama, Dave Asprey, and Dr. Will Cole all agree that algae is an amazing whole food.

Algae is food crop recognized by NASA and the United Nations as the most nutrient-dense food in the word! Yes, algae is a food crop, it is not a supplement. Even the White House acknowledges algae as a food crop and recently passed the very first “Algae Agricultural Act” as part of the 2019 Farm Bill to encourage US farmers to grow algae. There are two types of algae that deserve your attention: Spirulina and chlorella. BUT quality does matter! At Clean Fit Box, we recommend ENERGYbits because their organically grown algae is the only one we know about that is tested right here in the USA for its purity at an FDA-approved third party lab. Plus, their algae has only ONE ingredient so there are no additives, fillers or toxins to worry about!

So, how can you leverage this superfood to boost your fitness results? Let’s dive in!

4 Fitness Benefits of Algae

Spirulina increases energy & workout stamina within 15 minutes.

Due to spirulina’s high concentrations of amino acids and B vitamins, it boosts physical performance. Research shows that spirulina improves endurance adn decreases muscle fatigue. If you want to be able to push harder in your next fitness class, try some ENERGYbits or BEAUTYbits (previously branded as SKINNYbits) a few minutes before you start.

Spirulina boosts your fat-burning results.

According to PubMed, spirulina can also reduce body fat in healthy adults. By taking 6 grams of spirulina before a cardio workout, study participants were able to increase the amount of fat being burned for fuel, as well as lower glucose oxidation and oxidative damage!

Chlorella provides you with better aerobic endurance.

Chlorella can increase your oxygen uptake, which is great news for aerobic exercisers and athletes. One study showed that chlorella improved peak oxygen levels quite a bit!

Chlorella prevents soreness!

After an intense workout, your body might feel sore due to something called lactic acid. Due to chlorella’s alkaline nature, and its ability to remove toxins, it helps remove lactic acid so muscles aren’t sore the next day. Try taking RECOVERYbits chlorella to your post workout smoothie… you’ll be ready to go back to the gym the next day without stiffness!


Spirulina and chlorella are great to fill in your nutritional gaps and keep you going with your fitness regime! Whether you’re an olympic athlete or an office worker just trying to get active, the energy, mental clarity, anti-aging benefits, and fitness results you’ll get from algae are totally worth it!

To purchase yours visit www.energybits.com and use our 20% discount code CLEANFIT when you check out. Be energized and healthy naturally algae from ENERGYbits!

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