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11 Things You NEED to Bring on Your Summer Hike

Going on a summertime hike? We’re all about hiking as a summertime activity - it’s fun, you can do it with friends, and burn some calories all along the way! But make sure you’re prepared, by bringing these 11 must-have items on your summer hike!

Water: Bring *at least* 16 oz of water per hour (per person). Camelbaks work great, or just a couple water bottles in your backpack.

Electrolytes: When you sweat, you’re sweating out electrolytes (such as sodium, chloride, potassium, magnesium, and calcium) so it’s very important to replace them to keep your energy levels up! Look for high-quality electrolyte powder (such as Cure Hydration) and bring a couple packets along with you - aim for one serving for every 2-3 hours of hiking.

Hiking shoes: Having the right shoes is super important, especially during slippery or treacherous terrain. Hiking shoes help grip to the earth and can prevent you from slipping, plus they can protect your ankles from getting rolled/twisted (nobody wants that!). Here’s a helpful article for picking out the right kind of hiking shoes.

Light rain jacket: You never know when you could you get stuck in a little rain shower (or get cold if the weather changes suddenly!) so pack a lightweight waterproof jacket. We like this Columbia Switchback jacket that folds up really small into the pocket.

Snacks: (Duh!) If it’s a shorter hike, snacks high in carbs will be fine (such as Green Mustache snacks or Spudsy), but for longer hikes (2-3+ hours), also bring something more substantial with protein and healthy fats to fuel you longer. Think: Gorilly Goods trail mix or beef jerky.

Sunscreen: Even if you aren’t in the direct sun, you can get sun damage! So be sure to load up on sunscreen before your hike, and reapply as needed along the way (especially after you sweat it off). We like reef-safe and hypoallergenic Alba Sunscreen.

Bug spray: Keep those little buggers away! Make sure to spray yourself well (and often) to avoid bug bites and potential for insect-born illness. We like Greenerways Organic brand (to avoid yucky and toxic Deet), OR you can even DIY with this homemade bug spray recipe.

First aid/emergency kit: It's a good idea to carry a small medical first aid kit, a pocketknife, and matches or a lighter. Just in case of emergencies!

Hand wipes: You never know when you’re going to need these babies! We like EO hand-sanitizing wipes, as they are plant-based and biodegradable.

Spare battery pack: You don’t want your phone to die along the hike (because hello, GPS) - so having a battery pack will prevent any unwanted dead phone situations.

Reusable [trash] bag: Be a good citizen of the earth, and not only bring your trash with you back home after the hike, but pick up any other trash you see along the way on the trail. Check out these reusable mesh bags, perfect to toss in your backpack for trash pick up.

All of the products recommended here are hand-curated by us and that are things that we have used and swear by! Please note that we may, however, earn fees from qualifying purchases as part of the Amazon Associates program.

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