7 Healthy Travel Tips

Do you have some travel coming up, whether for work or fun (hopefully the later!)?

It can be difficult to stay healthy when on the road, but it's not impossible! It's just about planning ahead, and getting creative. Check out these 7 ways to stay on track with your wellness while traveling! ✈

1. Bring the right supplies! These are some of our faves:

  • Greens supplements (such as Amazing Greens tablets) to mix with water in the morning, in lieu of a green smoothie at home

  • Powdered apple cider vinegar (such as SqueezeDried) in place of morning lemon water

  • Protein powder that can be mixed in water in case of hanger-mergency 😆

  • Vitamins in an old-school pill sorter

  • Snacks on snacks on snacks - having healthy snacks on hand is great for the plane and for when you're on the go exploring!

2. Get yo veggies in. Try to get a salad or side of veggies in once or twice a day. Go for green juice if that’s easier (ideally with no fruit added). 🌱 3. Hydrate!!! 💧 This is so important. Bring a reusable water bottle with you (you can bring an empty bottle to the airport and then refill it once you are past security) and keep it filled throughout your trip.

  • If you're somewhere where you don't want to drink the water (for example, Mexico), you can buy gallon jugs of water and refill your bottle with that to save money (not to mention, it's better for the environment!).

4. Prioritize sleep. You don't want to need a vacation from your vacation, so be sure to make ample time for rest - if you can squeeze in an extra hour or two than normal each night, even better! 5. Drink responsibly... Or at least somewhat responsibly. 😉 If you plan on drinking, bring activated charcoal (either tablets or powder to mix with water), and take it before you go to bed AND in them morning (take with at least 12 oz of water) - it absorbs toxins and helps prevent hangovers! 🥂 6. Move daily, for at least 20min! Whether it's a quick HIIT workout at the hotel gym, a walk on the beach or around town, or even just a 20 min yoga video in your room - try to do something to move that beautiful body of yours daily! 7. Get in one or two healthy meals a day. You should definitely #treatyoself while on vacay, but try to not let all of your healthy eating goals go out the window.

  • Try keeping at least one or two meals a day similar to what you'd eat at home.

  • If possible have your cheat meal be lunch, because you'll have more time in the day to burn off those extra calories

Have any other healthy travel staples? Please let us know! Shoot us a note at hello@cleanfitbox.com to share. 😎

Note: all of the products recommended here are hand-curated by us and that are things that we have used and swear by! Please note that we may, however, earn fees from qualifying purchases as part of the Amazon Associates program.

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