September 2019 CLEAN.FIT Box

Sweet September snacks! Here's what you can find in your September box :)

  • Spudsy: On a mission to save hundreds of millions of “ugly” sweet potatoes that get tossed out each year, Spudsy created these delicious little puffs! Did you know sweet potatoes are great for gut, eye, and brain health, and have been studied for their cancer-fighting properties?! @spudsyfoods

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  • Vive:What's better than a cookie? Delicious AND nutritious superfood cookie bites, that's what! These mocha hazelnut bites of joy are made with just 9 real ingredients and superfoods. @vivesnacks

  • TIP: These make GREAT smoothie bowl toppers, and are wonderful paired with an afternoon coffee.

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  • Teaonic: Shots, shots, shots, shots! These 100% organic Mojo wellness shots are filled with delicious REAL fruit juice along with powerful herbs and superfoods. Enjoy the Digest after a big meal to soothe your tummy, and try Relax when you're winding down for the evening. They're best served cold. @teaonic

  • The Better Bar: After backpacking around South America, founder Brody set out to create a delicious, antioxidant-rich, gluten-free, vegan, raw-pressed, stamina-building, portable superfood bar. Thus, Better Bar was born - and we think you'll agree, it REALLY is better! Yum! @thebetterbar

  • TIP: We love the chocolate covered one frozen - it makes a super yummy yet sinless dessert!

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  • Rawmio: Yes, superfoods + chocolate is a REAL thing.. and a beautiful one at that! Rawmio created this heavenly bark and packed it with some seriously powerful and nutritious superfoods, including chaga, cordyceps, and reishi mushrooms, plus maca, chia seeds, and cacao nibs. @rawmiochocolate

  • TIP: Head over to our IGTV to learn more about the superpowers of maca!

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  • Well Flower: This seed snack ball mix was created to nourish and energize your body with high-quality and nutritious ingredients. It can be leveraged for "seed cycling", i.e. providing the ideal nutrients to your body during the second half of your cycle, but it offers functional benefits for anyone, anytime. Read more about seed cycling on our blog! @wellflowerco

  • TIP: In addition to making yummy snack balls, the seed mix is great on top of salads or eaten plain!

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  • Sogo Snacks: These delicious savory treats are made with only a few high-quality ingredients, are Paleo and Whole30 approved, and have 8G of protein! They make great on-the-go fuel! @sogosnacks

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BTW! We want to hear what you think! Let us know on Instagram and tag @clean.fit_box! We want to see your favorites, your box recipes and all of your yummy concoctions. If you tag us in a photo, you just might get a sweet treat. ;)

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