November 2019 CLEAN.FIT Box

Hey #CleanFitFam! The November box was filled with delicious snacks. Here's what you can find this month!

Elixir Keto Mushroom Coffee: This amazing organic single-sourced coffee is infused with brain-boosting superfood mushrooms. Plus, it comes in a handy dandy to-go pouch! Wanna learn more about the power of mushrooms? Head over to our IGTV!

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Enviromedica Magnesium Lotion: Magnesium is one of seven essential macrominerals that helps with 300+ important bodily functions! These include muscle and nerve functioning, blood pressure levels, as well as bone health. This daily moisturizer gives you a boost of magnesium, is made with organic oils, and has skin-boosting probiotics.

Eviromedica Terraflora Synbiotic Probiotics: Terraflora™ is formulated with a combination of probiotics, and advanced, food-based, ancient prebiotics designed for maximum gut health benefits. These powerful probiotics are shelf-stable as well!

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Terrafuel Fuel Fudge: Fudge with benefits?! YES, please! You won't believe this is a better-for-you treat when you try it, but we promise it is! Fuel Fudge is a delectable blend of essential fats and superfoods.

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Lesser Evil Organic Popcorn: This crunchy and satisfying popcorn is made with just three simple ingredients: organic popcorn, organic extra-virgin coconut oil and Himalayan salt - nothing else. Lesser Evil air-pops the most tender butterfly popcorn, making it lighter, fluffier and lower in fat and calories... And *extra* good. We think you'll agree!

IOTA Sunflower Seeds: These delicious and adorable organic kernels are a good source of protein and pack more nutrients per calorie than most nuts or seeds! Plus, the Himalayan sea salt and ACV give an extra boost of both nutrition and flavor. YUM!

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BTW! We want to hear what you think! Let us know on Instagram and tag @clean.fit_box! We want to see your favorites, your box recipes and all of your yummy concoctions. If you tag us in a photo, you just might get a sweet treat. ;)

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