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How to NOT Give up Your New Year's Resolution

By this time of year - just three weeks into January - 80% of people have already given up on their New Year’s Resolution. That’s heartbreaking, y’all! 😭

There are many reasons why this could be the case: change is hard, creating new habits is hard, the old way is easier, you don’t have the time, the list goes on and on and on...

But it doesn’t HAVE to be this way! When the going gets tough, don't give up! Just re-adjust.

Here are the 4 reasons I believe why most New Year’s resolutions fail and what you can do about it.

#1) You have TOO MANY GOALS! Are you one of those #overachievers that set out to lose 20 pounds, learn Mandarin, start volunteering at your child’s school, save up for an African safari, write a romance novel, and join a bowling league - all in one month?!

I hear you - the urge to want to do all the things is so real! That used to be me as well… but sure enough, by January 15th, I too would have dropped most, if not all of my resolutions. As author Gary Keller explains in his book The ONE Thing, if you have too many balls in the air, there is no way that you can do any of them well.

But instead, when you double down and focus on just one - maybe two - things, and pour all your energy into those things to get them done - you are SO much more likely to be successful!

Solution? Drop all but one (maybe two - and only if you’ve already made progress on it) resolution and double - triple - quadruple down on that one, and go after it relentlessly until you’ve achieved it.

#2) You have the right goal, but the wrong process. Maybe you’ve hunkered down on your one goal, but the system you set for yourself to achieve that goal is not sustainable.

For example, say your goal is to stop smoking. (Which - good for you!!! You rock!) Maybe you decided when you have a stressful moment at work that you will take a walk outside instead of smoking a cigarette. But then you regularly find yourself walking right by your smoking buddies outside that is 1) causing you peer pressure to pick it back up again and 2) the smell is making you crave one.

Maybe instead your strategy needs to be to go out the back entrance of the building and walk in a direction that you won’t pass them. OR, maybe you get an exercise band to keep in your office and do a 5-minute routine every time you’re feeling stressed or craving a cigarette.

Solution: there are a million ways to achieve any given goal, so if the way you first chose isn’t working, then simply readjust your strategy! Try another way and see if it gives you more achievable results.

#3) You have the right goal, but the wrong measurement. This is for my fellow overachievers out there again… Do you have the habit of going BIG (or going home) with your goals?

Maybe you’ve never run a day in your life and you decide you’re going to run a marathon this year. Good for you, but that might not be the most realistic thing. Maybe you should adjust your goal to run a 5k. You are STILL a runner, regardless of the distance, and that is the most important thing!

Solution? Re-evaluate the results you want from your resolutions. While you don’t want to make your goal so easy you can accomplish it without any effort, you also don’t want to make it so hard that you’re going to run yourself into the ground trying to achieve it. Reset the goal to something challenging yet achievable. #4) You don’t have the dang time. This struggle is really REAL, my friends - I know you can all relate. These days it seems like we are ALL overcommitted, over-scheduled, overextended… and it never seems to get any better.

Solution? There's really two:

  1. It’s imperative to create a morning - and daily - routine that allows you to accomplish the most important things first.

  2. Practice JOMO - the joy of missing out! Start saying no more, cutting out unnecessary commitments, and actually scheduling time for yourself to work on the things you want to accomplish.

We want to help you with creating a morning routine that WORKS and will help you prioritize your wellness and your goals! That’s why we’ve created the 5-day Master Your Morning challenge. It will help you set your days up for success! The best part? It’s totally FREE!

Sign up here today! Hope to see you there 🤗

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