Stacy Madison’s 5 Tips to Healthy Snacking with BeBOLD Bars

Snacking is a great way to prevent hunger between meals. Stacy Madison, the Founder of Stacy's Pita Chips, has built her career on smart snacking and now makes snacking even easier with the latest creation of BeBOLD bars.

Here are Stacy’s 5 healthy snacking tips: 1. Be prepared with a “Go-To” Snack – I gravitate towards snacking on nuts and nut butters. They’re a great source of plant protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals! That's why BeBOLD bars contain walnuts, brazil nuts, and almond or peanut butter - they metabolize slowly to keep your energy high for a long time.

2. Variety is KEY - 3 Ways to Snack in 1 Bar – It's no surprise we think of ourselves as a snack, not a bar. We have an internal argument at BeBOLD on our favorite ways to eat them: frozen and crunchy (yup, my favorite), refrigerated as they are, or take them with you on-the-go (up to 14 days unrefrigerated).

3. Choose Chia – I like to feel FULL. That’s why we choose chia! Unlike flax, chia seeds don’t need to be ground. They are a fully digestible seed. Chia is great for weight loss because the seeds expand up to 12x their size, keeping you feeling full. Want to feel full for even longer? Drink lots of water when you eat the bars. 4. Get Your Grain – Whole grains naturally provide you with the energy you need to power through the day. BeBOLD bars are made with rolled oats and contain 18 grams of gluten-free whole grains; deliciously packed with nutrition! 5. Let's not overcomplicate it – Walk with friends often. Drink lots of water. And whether you arm yourself with fruits, veggies, proteins or bars, make sure you don't sacrifice TASTE and clean ingredients. BeBOLD bars are FRESH, in a transparent package (we want you to see them!), and are launching this year in the refrigerated bar section or online at Naturally Gluten Free, Dairy Free, and Kosher - there is no compromise on flavor here! We created BeBOLD, a bar that anyone can enjoy for their next snack! Visit to learn more! Use code CLEAN for 20% OFF!

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