Feeling Low in Lockdown? Here’s the Quarantine Essentials You Need

In our strange new lockdown reality where Saturdays feel like Mondays, it’s hard enough to get up and dressed before midday… We see you in those super cosy PJs, while being busy scrolling on social to keep yourself entertained during another day stuck at home. Let’s turn down the news for a second and allow yourself a little break from work. It’s never been more important to prioritise your mental and physical health. It’s time to create new routines, find fun ways to sweat inside and to get creative with at home activities that will soothe your mind and boost your morale!

So, we’ve asked the guys at healthy lifestyle brand, Swisse Me to share their top Quarantine essentials, containing everything you need to avoid feeling low in lockdown.

Upgrade Your At-Home Fitness Kit

Determined not to let quarantine stop you from working up a sweat? Luckily, you really don’t need much to get in a killer workout at home, but there are a few bits of kit worth investing in to up your game. No-one wants bruised knees from doing burpees or cat cow poses on your living room floor, so treat yourself to a good quality yoga mat. If bodyweight exercises aren’t quite cutting it, add some resistance bands & small hand weights so you’ve got everything you need to live-stream your favourite barre or Barry’s classes – all the fun of your favourite studio, without the sweaty strangers or the hefty price tag!

Arm Yourself with Healthy Snacks

If you’re anything like us, working from home - within arm’s reach of the kitchen cupboards - is a sure-fire way to spend the entire day eating snacks on snacks on snacks! Instead of creeping back for another handful of chips or a sneaky sugar hit, do your body a solid by ordering a healthy Vegan Smoothie Care Package from Swisse Me. Delivered straight to your door, it’s full of 90 vitamin & plant-based, delicious-tasting smoothies, that will help boost your energy levels, to keep your body packed full of the nutrients you need during these tricky times.

Fill up Your Bookshelf

Having one of those days where time is stretching out endlessly, leaving you feeling restless and agitated? Sometimes there’s no better solution than losing yourself in a good book, whether that’s a gripping thriller or a trashy rom com (for inspiration, check out some of the team’s top recommendations, here). And if your brain is buzzing and you just can’t concentrate, go for something a little more active and try a mindful coloring book instead!

Order a Coffee Subscription for an At-Home Caffeine Kick

Having a solid routine is key to give you a sense of normality and productivity even at the strangest of times. For us, a key morning ritual is the sweet smell of that first morning coffee and the chance to sit down for a few minutes of delicious me-time before the emails start pouring in. So, if you’re missing your usual oat flat white kick, it’s time to get your home brewing station going to feel like you’re back at your favourite local coffee shop! Order a subscription from Blue Bottle Coffee and check out their awesome brewing guides to have you feeling like a qualified barista in no time. Or, for a caffeine-free fix, stock up on ready-to-drink coffee smoothies instead – simple!

Lather Up with Hand Cream

The lengthy hand washing and anti-bacterial gels might be essential for keeping you and your family healthy, but it’s also the likely cause of those dry, cracked hands. If your hands are starting to suffer, indulge in some good quality hand cream to revitalise your skin. We love Aurelia’s Aromatic Repair Hand Cream a burst of nourishing and rich hydration – the little bit of luxury we could all do with right now!

Unwind & Rebalance with CBD Oil

There’s no denying that navigating COVID-19 is a surreal and stressful time. Let’s take the edge off, time to hit the pause button and focus on some well-deserved me-time to help feel a little less anxious.

To help us unwind and find a sense of calm in the midst of the madness, we’re big fans of supplementing with a high-quality CBD oil, which studies suggest can have a positive impact on mood balance, anxiety and sleep. Try CBII’s premium quality range of oils; all of which have been meticulously crafted to help you restore balance from within. Aaaaand relax!

Revamp Your Recipe Collection

There are so many times when we’ve seen an incredible recipe and thought, “I’d love to make that, but when would I ever have the time?” – well now is that time to take advantage of the slower pace of life and get those creative juices flowing in the kitchen! No matter whether you’re hunkering after that incredibly rich, slow-cooked stew or have always wanted to make your own sourdough, it’s the perfect way to keep your hands busy, and with the right, nutrient-dense recipes, your body healthy too.

Some of our favourites? To satisfy any and every craving, we’re obsessed with Bon Appetit’s delicious ‘Healthyish’ recipes, or if you’re looking for a new cookbook to add some spice to your usual repertoire, try East: 120 veggie and vegan recipes from Bangalore to Beijing by Meera Sodha or A Modern Way To Eat by Anna Jones. On the hunt for a healthier dessert? Check out our deceivingly indulgent beetroot brownies recipe or our much-loved plant-based green coconut ice cream recipe!

Swisse Me makes delicious, healthy smoothies that are ready-to-drink anytime - talk about convenient! And get excited, because they're sending them in your May CLEAN.FIT box! Get yours today!

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