5 Reasons Why Buoy Electrolytes Should Be a Part of Your Daily Wellness Routine

Proper hydration is an essential and often overlooked aspect of a healthy lifestyle. Our bodies are made up of approximately 60% water so it isn’t a surprise that we need to stay hydrated in order to be at our best. Staying hydrated doesn’t seem like such an intimidating task, yet the reality is, 3 out of 4 Americans are chronically dehydrated according to the CDC. Chronic dehydration has severe adverse effects on our brains and bodies. Tiredness, headaches, cramping, and inability to focus are just a few of the side-effects that many of us deal with on a daily basis.

It is common knowledge that we should be hydrating, but the fact is, the majority of us are terrible at it. Even if we’re downing the suggested amount of water day after day, nearly all of us will still feel the negative effects of dehydration. Why is that? Because water alone is not enough! Cue Buoy electrolytes. Electrolytes act like little sponges inside our bodies that help us efficiently absorb the water that we consume. Without them, water quickly passes through our bodies without fully benefiting us (aka that annoying sensation when you feel like you just peed out that entire liter of Dasani minutes after finishing it). We expend electrolytes constantly by living our normal lives - our fitness routines, outdoor adventures, happy hours, and caffeine fixes leave us depleted, dehydrated, and not feeling ourselves.

Buoy makes it simple, and actually enjoyable to replace the electrolytes we are constantly losing. Here are the top five reasons why Buoy electrolytes should be a part of your daily wellness routine:

#1. Same drink. Same taste. Just better for you. Buoy is the only electrolyte supplement on the market designed to be added to any drink. That’s right, anything. Buoy’s flavorless blend of all-natural electrolytes, B vitamins, and antioxidants can be added into any drink without changing its taste. Squeeze Buoy into your tea, smoothie, coffee, kombucha or even your beer or wine to unlock the water trapped inside.

#2. Buoy’s hydration blend is backed by science and actually works. Buoy is based on the World Health Organization’s formula for Oral Rehydration Salts - the benchmark for rapid rehydration. The founders spent years working with Dr. Lianli Li, President of Gateway Pharmaceutical, to refine their formula to maintain all of the hydrating properties of the WHO ORS formula while making it flavorless and safe to use multiple times throughout the day.

#3. Buoy is clean hydration. Buoy uses the highest quality, all-natural ingredients - each of which serves a functional, wellness-boosting purpose. No sugar, calories, allergens, artificial ingredients, or sweeteners. Buoy contains what you need to meet your hydration goals, and nothing else. Clean, simple, and effective - now we’re speaking the same language. Learn more about Buoy’s all-natural ingredients here.

#4. Designed to go everywhere you do. Buoy’s unique easy squeezy bottle fits in the palm of your hand and is just the right size to slide into your pocket, purse, gym bag, fanny pack, or carry-on. The packaging design makes it convenient to practice the preventative approach to dehydration that Buoy preaches: consistent electrolyte replenishment throughout the day. The bottle can be opened, squeezed, closed, and put away with one hand - way easier than those electrolyte tablets, powder packets, or liquid droppers.

#5. Achieve your hydration goals without breaking the bank. Each 2oz bottle of Buoy has 40 servings and contains more electrolytes than 13 Gatorades! At $9.99/bottle that works out to less than $0.25 per serving (even less if you buy a multi-pack). Other hydration supplements charge more than $1.50/serving, which adds up quickly. Your hydration supplement should be effective, not expensive.

About Buoy Hydration Every day, 3/4 of Americans deal with health issues stemming from persistent dehydration. We created Buoy to help people feel their best and achieve their wellness goals through proper hydration. Our mission is simple, to make the world a healthier, more hydrated place while giving back to communities that need the most support. We donate one bottle of Buoy to a verified 501(c)3 with every purchase through our online store.

Named one of 2019’s most disruptive MBA start-ups, Buoy has plans to become a household name and to take charge as a leader in the clean hydration space. Keep your eyes peeled for Buoy coming soon to retailers near you.

BTW - Buoy will be in the May 2020 CLEAN.FIT box - get yours today! Can't wait until then? Head over to Buoy to get your electrolyte fix stat - and use code CLEAN for 20% off!

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Written by: Cole Puchi, COO & Co-Founder of Buoy

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