We Are BUZZING For Bee Pollen

Victor Hugo once said, “life is a flower of which love is honey”. I’ve always loved this sentiment because it reminds me not only of the beauty of nature, but also that of life. The other day this quote popped into my head as I was admiring a bush of columbine flowers and I started to wonder about honey. I use it in my tea and on top of grapefruit in the mornings, but I really know very little about honey and its benefits. As I began to research, I found that honey provides amazing natural benefits and remedies!

It’s antifungal and antimicrobial

Research shows that raw honey has the ability to kill unwanted fungus and bacteria! The strength and properties vary based on the type of honey that is used. The antimicrobial property is due to the enzymatic production of hydrogen peroxide and honey’s ability to keep wounds moist. Additionally, due to the viscosity of honey, it helps to create a barrier that prevents foreign agents from entering the body.

It’s antiviral

Manuka honey in particular is known for being antiviral. It helps to ease sore throats, pain associated with illness, and attack viral bodies.

It’s anti-inflammatory

Honey is well known as being an anti inflammatory substance filled with antioxidants. Honey also contains a significant amount of flavonoids and polyphenols. This powerful combination works to help destroy free radicals from the body which contribute to chronic inflammation.

It’s immunostimulating

Immunostimulating is exactly what it sounds like, (first time that’s happened with any medical term). It means it stimulates the immune system by increasing its activity. This immunostimulation caused by honey can help prevent colds and other diseases.

It’s a local analgesic

The term analgesic means that it offers a form of pain relief. Studies have shown that honey reduces pain perception, particularly pain that is a result of inflammation. Natural pain remedy? I think yes!!

Helping the Bees

This sticky golden substance is truly impressive! But even more impressive are the bees who make it! Tragically, the honey and bumble bee populations are greatly decreasing in the world. The bees need our help! An easy and effective way to support these adorable creatures is to plant a bee garden. Plants such as lavender, foxglove, lilac, marigolds and more offer a source of nutrition for the bees. Not only will you be helping the world’s pollinators, you’ll also get to have a stunning garden!

If planting is not your thing, donating to amazing organizations such as The Honeybee Conservancy or Operation Honey Bee can make a huge difference!

How to Incorporate Honey into your Life

  • Use Manuka honey as a face mask

  • Add honey on top of fruit of citrus

  • Use it in a salad dressing

  • Add it to tea or coffee

  • Have it by the teaspoon!

There are so many exciting ways to use honey in your daily life! Let us know what your favorites are!

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