6 Easy Peasy and Innovative Ways to Use Lemons

Lemons provide us with easy, effective, natural ways to enhance our health and our environment. I have been LOVING everything lemon. It is such a refreshing, tart flavor that I have it in my water almost everyday! Lemons have amazing health benefits such as high levels of vitamin C, the potential to decrease your risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke and they may help decrease your risk of kidney stones due to the citric acid that is present in lemons. Additionally, from an Ayurvedic approach, lemons are believed to aid in digestion. It is believed that the sour lemon taste helps to stimulate your digestion or fire which is known as Agni. So add lemon juice, zest or blend up a whole lemon to add to tea, pasta sauces, quinoa or rice dishes, soups and dahls to add a refreshing tartness. The possibilities are literally endless.

**Do rinse your teeth with plain water after drinking lemony drinks and wait to brush your teeth because the acid can damage tooth enamel.

Not only do lemons help to detoxify your body, they are also excellent for everyday life!

Use Lemons In Your Garbage Disposal

Since garbage disposals are filled with, well garbage, they can begin to produce an awful odor. Drop half a lemon down your garbage disposal and turn on the disposal to replace your garbage smell with wonderful citrus.

Use Lemons as a Natural Deodorant

Wanting a completely all natural deodorant option? Rub half of a lemon (or just a slice) on your armpits! The citric acid helps to kill odor and bacteria and will leave you smelling fresh all day.

Use Lemons as a Cleaner

Whether you’re cleaning counter tops to cutting boards, lemon juice will surely help you along the way. Place some baking soda on half a lemon and get scrubbing for fresh clean results! Be careful though on natural stone because it can cause etching.

Use Lemon as a Bug Repellant

The oils that exist in the skin of the lemon act as a natural bug repellent. Place lemon skin on your outside furniture or near any holes in your house that you think bugs might be getting in through!

Use Lemon Juice on Conventional (non-organic) Produce

Buying organic can be expensive and just not reasonable for some budgets. Don’t be discouraged from buying your fruits and veggies even if they are not organic! Spraying lemon juice on produce can help reduce the icky pesticide residue and bacteria that lives on your foods. While buying organic is the healthier option, spraying lemon juice can help if you’re in a bind!

Use Lemons as an Exfoliant

I live at 8,500 ft. which means my skin is ALWAYS dry. My go to exfoliant? Half a lemon topped with some sugar makes a great natural exfoliant! Just be careful not to get the juice in your eyes or on any cuts!

Tell us what your favorite way to use lemons is!

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