5 Ways to Eat Healthfully On-the-go

Whether you are traveling or just having a busy day, sometimes you have no option but to eat while on the go! But eating out doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your clean and healthy eating habits. Here are 5 ways you can keep eating healthy even while on the go!

#1) Plan ahead. Know when you are going to have an opportunity to get food (i.e. on a layover, or a break between appointments) and take a moment to figure out where you are going to get food from.

  • In the Yelp app, you can search for “healthy food” and either choose a location of “near me” or enter an address of where you’re going to be when it’s time to eat.

  • If traveling, you can literally do an online search for “Heathy food in Austin Airport” (or whatever airport you are flying through). There are many bloggers who have done the research for you - no need to reinvent the wheel!

#2) Know what to avoid. There are certain types of foods (or food “accessories”) that are notoriously high in bad-fats, calories, and additives - yet low in nutrients.

Here are some examples of food to avoid:

  • Anything fried (no way, trans-fats!)

  • Cream-based salad dressings (go for the vinaigrette or simply oil and vinegar)

  • Heavy sauces and gravies

  • Cheese (usually its NOT grass-fed, which is the ideal type of dairy we recommend)

  • Anything highly processed (low-quality chicken nuggets, pre-packaged baked goods, anything with ingredients you can’t pronounce)

#3) Opt for nutrient-dense sides. That’s right, get your veggies on, even while out and about! Even if your whole meal isn’t perfectly healthy, at least choose a healthy side option - such as a salad, veggie, fruit, etc. instead of the fried option.

#4) Ask questions! When looking at the menu to make your food choice, try to go with an option that has minimal and simple REAL ingredients. And don’t be afraid to ask questions to determine what’s really in your food!

Here are some good questions to ask to determine the quality and healthfulness of food:

  • Do you make your bread/sauces/dressings in house?

  • Is your produce local?

  • Are there any additives in the meat?

  • Are the eggs cage-free (or ideally, pasture-raised)?

  • Is this soy-free?

  • What kind of oil do you cook your food in? (Avoid unhealthy trans fats such as vegetable oil, shortening, and margarine)

  • Can I please see the full list of ingredients?

  • Can you please exclude the cheese/sauce/dressing/croutons/fried wontons/etc.

#5) Always be packin’... Snacks, that is! Make sure you keep a few healthy snacks in your purse, car, diaper bag, office, etc. so you’ll always have a healthy option nearby! That way, you’re more likely to choose that option than something less good for you. Plus, it can help you save money!

  • Go for high-protein snacks that will keep you full longer, such as jerky, tuna salad, chickpeas, broad beans, pea crisps, or even protein powder that can be mixed with a bottle of water.

You’ve got this! Don’t let life on-the-go stop you from achieving your health goals!

Have any other tips for eating healthy while out and about? Please share it with us at hello@cleanfitbox.com!

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