March 2020 CLEAN.FIT Box

Spring has sprung! We're excited about all the fresh and so clean clean snacks in this month. Here's what you can find in the March CLEAN.FIT Box!

  • Legendary Nut Butters: We love alllllll the nut butters... which is why we couldn’t pick just one flavor! (You can thank us later ;). These puppies are LEGENDARY for a few reasons: they have no added sugar, are vegan and GF, and are a filling, natural source of protein. Try them in oatmeal, on toast or apples, or heck - just enjoy it plain.

  • ZENB Veggie Bites: Who doesn't need a way to get more veggies in their diet?! These Veggie Snacks are 100% organic and use as much of the whole vegetable as possible to offer more fiber and deliver the savory taste of the vegetable. ZENB Veggie Bites offer one full cup of vegetables in each resealable, grazeable pouch!

  • Ritual Energy Bars: The organic Energy Bars are a healthy and portable alternative to coffee or energy drinks that will help you avoid spills, coffee-breath, nasty chemicals, and bad tastes. At only 70 calories and with 100mg caffeine, this snack will awaken the mind, invigorate the body, and tickle the taste buds.⁠

  • everipe Smoothie Mixes: Can’t get to the islands? No worries, this tropical blend of pineapple, banana and coconut will transport you to the tropics - and the sprinkle of superfoods make this waaay healthier than your average Pina Colada! Freeze dried ingredients mean we store in your pantry so clean eating is always within reach. Simply blend with 1 cup ice + 1 cup water and pretend you're at the beach...

  • Noosh Almond Oil: Did you know that almonds are a brain-boosting superfood?! Yep - and Noosh cold-presses pure California almonds into oil so they retain all of its natural flavors and health benefits. Drizzle over bread, a finished dish, or use in salad dressings, or replace your current cooking oil with it.

  • Lauryn's Garden Pomegranate Massage Oil: The small molecular structure of pomegranate enables it to penetrate into the skin, making it effective for moisturizing & soothing skin! Each oil in this blend has its own benefit, and is added at a certain ratio which helps the skin to absorb all the vitamins and minerals needed for its nourishment. This pomegranate seed oil enhances skin elasticity and helps promote a healthy skin appearance. Use a few drops instead of your normal moisturizer!

BTW! We want to hear what you think! Let us know on Instagram and tag @clean.fit_box! We want to see your favorites, your box recipes and all of your yummy concoctions. If you tag us in a photo, you just might get a sweet treat. ;)

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