3 Reasons Why Natural Fermentation is Your Gut’s Best Friend

Your gut is loaded with a ton of bacteria - some experts believe over 100 trillion cells! And even though they’re small, they can have a BIG impact on your day to day health. An imbalance in gut bacteria can cause things like bloating, digestive upset, food intolerances, skin issues, mood swings, frequently feeling tired, and brain fog.

And unfortunately, the list of things that can cause an imbalance is just as long. Drinking alcohol, eating sugar and processed foods, stress, depression, poor dental hygiene, and more.

Which is why it makes sense that having an imbalance of gut bacteria is pretty common.

And one way to fix this imbalance is by eating fermented foods. As this becomes more well-known, we’ve seen a rise in foods like kimchi, and kombucha in health food stores. But this should not be mistaken as another health fad.

Here are 3 reasons why fermented foods should be a staple in your self care:

  1. Natural Probiotics - During the fermentation process, sugars and starches are converted into alcohols and acids. This process enhances the healthy bacteria in your gut, known as probiotics. This good bacteria helps fight off bad bacteria, creating a healthy gut microbiome.

  2. Increased Nutrient Absorption - Fermentation produces enzymes that can help release the nutrients from food, allowing the body to better absorb all the nutrients your meals have to offer.

  3. Natural Preservation - Fermentation was used historically as a method of preservation, because when the sugars and starches are converted in the process, it creates something called lactic acid. This is a natural preservative, making it an amazing alternative to harsh, sometimes harmful preservatives often used today!

So how can you get more fermented foods in your diet? When we think of fermented foods, we often think sauerkraut, kimchi, or kombucha. And these foods can be a great way to encourage balanced bacteria in the gut, but they have a sour taste which may make it hard to consume a lot of.

Which is why we love Paleovalley Beef Sticks. You get all the benefits of fermentation, without the sour taste! But natural fermentation is just the beginning of the health benefits of Paleovalley beef sticks.

They are:

  • Made with 100% grass fed and finished beef which is incredibly hard to find! Most beef labeled grass fed is finished on grains, which can damage the gut. By guaranteeing grass fed and finished, we know this beef was sourced from cows that were never fed grains.

  • Made with certified organic spices. The usual, conventional spices most companies use are often sprayed with herbicides or pesticides. Not Paleovalley. These beef sticks come in 5 different delicious flavors, and they are all made with organic spices so you know they are safe!

  • Free of GMOs - Most similar meat snacks use GMO corn based citric acid to preserve their sticks. But thanks to the natural fermentation process used for preservation, you know these beef sticks are GMO free!

  • Environmentally Friendly - Conventionally raised beef is terrible for the environment. But thanks to Paleovalley’s ethical sourcing, these are actually good for the environment. They source their beef from grass fed and finished cows rotationally raised on small, American farms in a way that helps put carbon back into the soil, where it belongs!

Check out Paleovalley Beef Sticks at paleovalley.com and use the code CLEANFIT15 for 15% OFF your order!

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