5 Reasons Why You Need Vitamin Honey in Your Life

Honey is not only delicious, but it's highly nutritious:

🍯 It's packed with antioxidants 🍯 It can help lower your blood pressure and improve cholesterol 🍯 It can even promote burn and wound healing (Seriously - we've tried it! Just apply topically and let it work its magic. Raw honey works best for this.) We are huge fans of honey (in moderation of course!), which is why when we discovered bizi vitamin honey - we became obsessed! Forget pills: bizi realized that vitamin made the perfect vessel for essential vitamins! Why?

Read on for 5 reasons, straight from the founders of bizi!

#1. It's a great alternative to pills

Want to know the best way to get those extra nutrients you have been missing from your diet? Hint: it’s not with traditional pills. Many times these pills and capsules that have the vitamins you’re looking for have tons of extra ingredients in them. Have you taken the time to read what’s really in them? Some can have lists way longer than their benefits… that is not a good thing. Many of these ingredients cause inflammation in the gut and can be harmful to any one with any digestive issues, such as one of the co-founders brother. That's why Bizi Vitamin Honey is just pure vitamins and raw honey. That's simple!

#2. It's more natural than gummies

So you don't want pills, what about vitamin gummies? Unfortunately many of these gummies/chewables have even worse artificial ingredients, ranging from dyes, to artificial flavors and sweeteners. Vitamin Honey contains only pure, USP grade vitamins *(means they are certified that only the said vitamin is what is in them)* and raw honey. With raw honey being the carrier they don’t have to cram extra ingredients in to make them taste great. Plus raw honey is full of micronutrients that are beneficial to your body. Using honey to make it taste great and more nutritious, that's a win-win.

#3. It’s so convenient

Bizi Vitamin Honey packages their Vitamin Infused Honey into sticks. Why? Well it's simple - they want to make sure that it is convenient for you to take your vitamins wherever you go. Besides, who wants to take a bottle of pills with them everywhere? The sticks can be easily opened by pinching the top or biting the end to pop them right open. Ready for you to apply them to any food, drink or mouth you want. Each stick has a daily serving of the given vitamin so all you have to do is take one and you are set for the day! They are incredibly easy to add to any morning routine. My favorite way to take them is in a smoothie, but they also go great in coffee or by itself.

#4. It was founded with a good cause

After James' brother was diagnosed with Crohn’s they wanted to create a product that anyone could take (even if they have digestive issues) and not worry about what is in their supplement. Whether you’re just learning about health, trying to maintain it or improve your current state, they wanted to make getting your nutrients convenient and tasty for everyone.

#5. It contains essential vitamins like D3

Vitamin D3 is one of the most important vitamins you can get. Roughly 35% of all Americans are vitamin D deficient (NIH). Vitamin D plays key roles in absorbing calcium, boosting the immune system and heart health! While it is easy to get vitamin D3 from the sunlight, staying indoors, using sunscreen and living in an urban and polluted city can lower your vitamin D levels (healthline). There are ongoing trials to investigate if vitamin D helps with depression, inflammation/autoimmune disease and cancer mortality (Harvard)!

Check out Bizi at www.gobizi.co and use the code Cleanfit15 for 15% off!

Get excited, because we're sending you bizi vitamin D3 in the April box! 🍯

Did you know...Vitamin D3 is known to help support the immune system?! There is even some evidence that it can help prevent you from getting COVID-19!

And bizi makes this essential vitamin fun & delicious! You can stir it into your coffee , drizzle over your favorite snack 🥣, or just enjoy it plain out of the pack 😋 You can thank us later!

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