6 Must-Have Emotional Wellness Apps + Resources

We talk a lot about physical wellness around here... But emotional wellness is JUST as important in fueling you to be the best version of you! 💫

But you might be wondering: how the heck do I work on my emotional wellness?! 🤔It can be overwhelming to know where to begin! 🤯

Thankfully, there are tons of apps, resources, and platforms that make flexing your emotional wellness muscle 💪 easier than ever - many of which you can access right on your phone! 📱

And we’ve gathered 6️⃣ of our favorite must-have emotional wellness resources for you below. 💕

1️⃣ BetterHelp

Talking to a therapist has never been easier. 🙂 Seriously, you can do it from your couch, in your PJ’s, sipping the latest elixir we shipped you in last month’s box. BetterHelp is an online therapy site where you can sort through licensed therapists profiles to find someone who is the best fit for you, and get chatting right away! Plus, it’s way more affordable than traditional in person therapy.

Check it out here.

2️⃣ Calm

Meditation has become pretty buzz-worthy, but as a beginner it can be overwhelming to sort through everything that comes up when you google “how to meditate.” Just download the Calm app instead! They have a library full of guided meditations you can choose to listen to to get you started on your journey to inner stillness!

Pro-tip: be sure to check out the sleep stories so you can let Matthew McConaughey's voice lull you into a calm, peaceful slumber. 😴 Alright, alright, alright!

Download it for free in the app store.

3️⃣ MoodFit

It’s like MyFitnessPal, but for your emotions! 😅

No, but seriously, in the name of mental fitness, MoodFit has it all! You can create daily mental fitness goals, keep a mood or gratitude journal, find mindfulness meditation and breathing exercises, track your sleep and it even creates activity reports that you can share directly with your therapist. It’s really the one stop shop for mental fitness!

Check it out here.

4️⃣ I AM affirmations

Sometimes, you just need a best friend in your corner reminding you who the heck you are and all the great things you are up to! That’s exactly what the I AM affirmations app does. Throughout the day they’ll send you positive messages straight to your phone such as, “I am a strong individual who attracts success and happiness.” Affirmations have been scientifically proven to help you boost self-esteem, decrease stress and encourage you to be your best self! 🌸

Download it free in the app store.

5️⃣ Happify

Happify was voted the “Best Fun App” on the Best Mental Health Apps of 2021 list and it’s got our vote, too! 🙃 Happify is full of engaging games and activities to help you learn more about yourself, create wellness habits and increase your overall happiness and wellbeing. You can choose from different tracks to focus on such as, “Find Your Calling,” or “Cope Better with Stress,” or simply just log on and work through a prompt that’s calling you that day. There’s even a live social feed where you can connect with other Happify community members. This one is worth a look!

Check it out here.

6️⃣ Sanvello

Sanvello also made the Best Mental Health Apps of 2021 list in the “Best for Stress Relief” category. The app focuses on principles of cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness meditation and mood and health tracking to achieve the overall goal of feeling better. You can guide yourself through activities and prompts to help you get clear on mood and thought patterns, with advice on coping strategies and building long term emotional wellness skills! Plus, if you’re seeking additional guidance, you can access coaching, therapy, and peer support right on the app, too!

Download it on the app store or read more about it here.

October is 💟Emotional Wellness Month 💟

We challenge you: download at least ONE of these resources today, and schedule 15 minutes EVERY DAY to use it and check-in with your emotional wellness. ✨

What's your favorite emotional wellness resource? Did we forget any on this list? Reach out and let us know! 👉 hello@cleanfitbox.com

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