6 Simple Ways to be Earth-Friendly 🌎

Earth Day is April 22nd, but EVERY day is a great day to be friendly to our beautiful green planet 🌎. Here are 6 easy ways to try to incorporate some eco-friendly practices into your daily routine!

#1. Avoid single-use items wherever possible. (Many of these are money savers too!) 🙅

  • Ditch disposable cups/plates

  • Say no to plastic cutlery when ordering takeout

  • Stop using single-use straws

  • Use refill soaps for your hands, dish, and laundry

  • Try to use reusable hand towels instead of paper towels

  • Use reusable snack bags as much as possible

  • Instead of using K-cups for coffee, go for a french press (it feels fancier anyway!) ☕

  • Invest in a water filter - and avoid disposable water bottles! (They are also a HUGE source of microplastics…. You don’t want plastic with your water, do you?!)

#2. Eat local & in season. 🥦🍅🥕

  • Local honey has more nutrients, and even can help you fight seasonal allergies (!!) 🍯

  • Join a local co-op/CSA to get weekly produce deliveries

  • Start a small garden, even just an herb garden in your windowsill (you can regrow your food from scraps like green onions or celery!)

  • Take a stab at preserving foods while they are in season

#3. Use less plastic! 🚫

  • Find a new favorite reusable water bottle

  • Try to remember to bring your reusable bags to the grocery store

  • Go for compostable options - including sandwich bags and even doggie bags!

  • Try to replace plastic with bamboo (for example, straws, toothbrushes, q-tips, and even things like cell phone covers all come in bamboo and are so much better for the environment as they decompose MUCH more quickly than plastic - which can take thousands of years to break down)

  • Store your food in glass containers like mason jars or even reusable silicone bags

#4. Recycle everything properly. ♻️

  • Even things like styrofoam, plastic bags/packaging, electronics, batteries, etc can often be recycled in proper facilities! Check in your local area for recycling centers.

#5. Turn off lights and faucets when not in use. 💡

#6. Reduce food waste! 🍴

  • Buy only what you need - always check your fridge before hitting the grocery store

  • Repurpose food instead of letting it go to waste. Try making broth with veggie scraps!

  • Ignore the dates. Best-by, sell-by, and use-by are NOT expiration dates. There's no scientific way to predict the exact day something is going to expire so use your best judgement with smell and taste. If it tastes fine - it's probably fine to eat!

What are some of your favorite ways to be earth-friendly? Please share on social and tag us @clean.fit_box for a chance to be featured! 🌎