Blackstrap Molasses: the Secret Superfood Ingredient for Your Holiday Baking

Wish you could bake your little heart out 👩‍🍳 this holiday season without feeling guilty about the ingredients you’re putting in your body or the sugar crash you know is sure to follow?! 😴

Say no more!

We’ve got the secret superfood ingredient answer to all of your holiday baking plans: blackstrap molasses!

If you’re wondering, what the heck is blackstrap molasses?! 🤔Don’t worry, we got you! 😅

Just like regular old molasses that your Grandma always used to have on hand, blackstrap molasses is a syrup formed as a result of the sugar cane refining process. Essentially sugar cane or sugar beets are extracted into juice, and then boiled down into molasses. The sugarcane juice is boiled down twice to get regular molasses, but when you boil it three times blackstrap molasses is born! Thanks to the triple boiling, blackstrap molasses is considered a refined sugar alternative that has the lowest sugar content but the most nutritional value!

➡️ Unlike regular refined sugar which has NO nutritional value, blackstrap molasses is packed with health benefits! 👇

1️⃣ It’s loaded with Calcium and Magnesium 🥛

You no longer have to drink your milk to keep your bones strong, you could just eat an extra helping of dessert. 💁‍♀️ Well, we might be slightly joking about that, but we’re not kidding when we tell you blackstrap molasses is FULL of calcium AND magnesium, two minerals that are crucial for preventing osteoporosis and keeping your bones and joints strong!

2️⃣ It helps keep your blood sugar and blood pressure levels low 📉

You won’t have to worry about the horrible sugar crash that follows after eating some of your favorite holiday desserts this year! Thanks to the low natural sugar content and heaping amounts of potassium in just one tablespoon, blackstrap molasses does wonders to keep your heart healthy and your blood pressure low! You can really have your cake and eat it, too! 🍰

3️⃣ It’s great for your blood 🩸

Anemia is the most common blood disorder in the US and affects over 30% of the population. This is caused by a shortage of iron in the body that often leaves you feeling tired and weak. 😩 Consuming just one tablespoon of blackstrap molasses gives you 20% of the recommended amount of iron your body needs a day!

Seriously, we weren’t kidding when we said it was a superfood! 💪

Due to its rich, dark, bitter (in a good way) and almost smoky flavoring, it compliments winter flavors like cinnamon, nutmeg or ginger SO WELL. Any holiday baking recipe with blackstrap molasses is pretty much a one way ticket straight to flavortown. 🎟️

Here are a few recipes to try to get you started. We LOVE these Pumpkin Molasses Cookies 🎃 and these Peanut Butter Oatmeal Blackstrap Molasses Cookies 🥜, both made with blackstrap molasses. Since it’s so sticky and dense, it also makes for a great bind in protein packed energy balls, like these Molasses Almond Butter Energy Balls. 😋

If you’re anything like us, and you could savor that rich, wintery, molasses flavor all year long, then we’ve got a real treat for you ! 🍪

The November 2021 CLEAN.FIT box featured our fellow blackstrap molasses lovin’ friends over at Empowered Cookie! Their chewy, soft, delicious, Ginger Molasses cookies (made with blackstrap molasses!) are sure to satisfy your Holiday sweet tooth ALL YEAR ROUND! 🤤

We’ve got plenty of other great goodies coming to you in the holiday CLEAN.FIT boxes this year, so order yours today!

Will you be doing any Holiday baking with blackstrap molasses? Share your favorite recipe with us at 🤗

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