Healthy Snack Options for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Since it’s back to school season, we thought we’d celebrate by kicking off a #Cool4SchoolSnackin series for our wonderful parents out there!

Choosing a snack for kiddos that is healthy, convenient, and that they actually want to EAT can be a real struggle, amiright?! 😩

Fear not, we’ve got you! These 10 healthy snacks are sure to please even the pickiest toddler or preschooler!

  • 1 Serenity Kids pouches - These aren’t your ordinary kid’s pouches: they are made with only organic vegetables and high-quality ethically-sourced proteins - and NO sugary fruits! PLUS - they have lots of healthy fats (which are crucial for brain development!). They even come in really interesting flavors to expand your kiddo’s palate like bison + kabocha squash + spinach and wild caught salmon + butternut squash + beets. Yum! Pssst- their grain-free puffs are amazing too!

  • 2 White Leaf Provisions biodynamic apple sauce - Biodynamic is a step further than just organic farming: it means it’s been grown in an ecological manner that that helps to regenerate the soil, which is better for your kiddo, and the planet!

  • 3 Go Nanas banana bread mix - This gluten-free banana bread mix is super easy - just add your own banana! When making this for your little one, we highly suggest adding ½ a cup of nut butter to up their heathy fat intake (hello, brain development!)

  • 4 Lesser Evil puffs - We’ve loved this brand for a while, but are obsessed with this new line of grain-free, veggie-packed organic puffs for the munchkins! They are delicious, nutritious, and great for developing that pincher grasp. You might find yourself stealing a few for yourself!

  • 5 Kpop Seaweed Snacks - You might be thinking, seaweed for a toddler?! And to that we say: YES!! These snacks are packed with nutrients, are fun for them to hold (and melt in their mouth), and are a great savory snack when you might not have fresh veggies on hand. Win win win!

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Have any other toddler/preschooler friendly faves? We want to hear about it! Please shoot us a note at so we can check it out! 😃

All of the products recommended here are hand-curated by us and are things we have used and swear by! Please note that we may earn fees from qualifying purchases as part of the Amazon Associates program.

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