How to Get Rid of Clutter Sustainably

This #WFH life has made me realize just how much clutter is in my house! However, because I am striving to be more sustainable, I did not just want to throw everything away!

Mismanaged trash travels throughout the world’s rivers and oceans causing irreparable damage to aquatic life and their physical habitats. Last year, in the United States alone, there was 267.8 million tons of trash created!

This is detrimental to our natural environment, the climate change crisis, and even your own personal health!

In order to help reduce waste, by using a bit of creativity here are my favorite ways to upcycle household clutter.

1. Extra rubber gloves taking up too much space?

Cut ‘em up! Use the “fingers” cut into small rings as rubber bands to help organize drawers and other knick knacks. Or, use the wider parts of the gloves to hold larger items together! No more need to buy rubber bands.

2. Wondering what to do with old glass bottles, candles, droppers, etc?

Convert these items into creative storage! Keep hair ties, coffee beans, bobby pins, tea bags, CLEAN.FIT goodies and more in these beautiful glass containers.

3. Paper towel and toilet paper rolls overload?

Use these cardboard centers as planters! Place them in a pot, add soil and seeds, and a little tender love and care. What an easy way to make your own Fall garden!

Bonus: use old milk cartons as planters.

4. Too many mason jars?

Turn them into candles! It can be so hard to find paraffin free candles for a good price… But, if you don't want to inhale nasty carcinogens (no thank you!) make your own! Melt down beeswax or soy wax, add some essential oils (we love clove and cinnamon for the holidays), place a fabric wick in the center of your mason jar and pour in your essential oil and wax mixture. Voila! A sustainable homemade candle. (These make great gifts, too!)

5. Old socks that have lost their match?

Use them as DIY hair curlers! Section off a piece of hair and hold the sock at the base of it. With the strand of hair in the middle of the sock being to roll up the hair toward the crown of your head. Once the stand is fully rolled around the sock, bring the two ends of the sock together and tie it off. Repeat with the remaining sections of hair. Remove socks when your hair has dried for an easy no heat hair curl!

What are your favorite ways to upcycle? Tag us in your pictures @Clean.Fit_Box !

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