October 2021 CLEAN.FIT Box

Did you know October is Emotional Wellness Month? 💕

While every day is an important time to pay attention to this topic, we encourage you to really take some time this month to assess your emotional wellbeing.

Eating foods that fuel your mind and make you feel good plays a huge role in your well-being, and thankfully, this month's box is full of them!

Here’s what’s inside:

  • 🍯 Wedderspoon Manuka Honey Immunity Gummies

  • Love it? Use code CLEANFIT20 for 20% off at wedderspoon.com

  • 🥑 Earnest Eats Freeze-Dried Avocado

  • Love it? Use code CLEANFIT for 10% off at earnesteats.com

  • 🥜 House of Macadamias dry roasted macadamias, and bars!

  • Ritual Energy Immune Support Bites

  • Love it? Use code CLEANFIT30 for 30% off at ritualenergy.com

  • 😋 Midi Bites

  • Love it? Use code CLEANFIT for 15% off at midibites.co

  • 🌾 Mary's Gone Crackers

  • Love it? Use code CLEANFIT10 for 10% off at marysgonecrackers.com

  • 🥭 2Go Dried Fruit Snacks

Don't miss out on our next month's box of goodies! Order yours today! Shop here 😎

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