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Protecting Your Health Against Air Pollution

Each year air pollution can cause irreversible effects on the human body. For example air pollution may lead to…

  • Heart disease

  • Lung disease

  • Emphysema

  • Damage to nerves, brain, kidney and liver

  • And more!

Unfortunately, air pollution is hard to avoid, especially if you live in the big city because air quite literally keeps us alive. However, there are steps you can take to help mitigate your risk and prevent exposure!


Staying hydrated can help to support liver and lung function. These essential organs are crucial for filtration of air pollution. Give them a boost by staying hydrated throughout the day!

2. Close your windows.

Now, I know this one can be tough... especially if you live in a hot climate without air conditioning. But, if you are able to, closing your windows can make a huge difference. Studies show that it decreases exposure to pollutants by 50%!

3. Exercise indoors when pollution levels are high.

Try to find a workout you can do inside when pollution levels are high in order to protect yourself further! Looking for workout inspiration? Check out our Instagram, @Clean.Fit_Box! We post a new workout every Friday!

4. Consider purchasing an air purifier.

Air purifiers can help reduce pollutants by 90%! Air purifiers help to trap nasty and harmful particles while releasing clean fresh air into your living space. Opt for a High Efficiency Particulate Matter (HEPA) air purifier.

5. Eat those antioxidants.

These bad boys (and girls) help to protect your body from free radicals which is great for protection against air pollution!

Here are some delicious ways to incorporate antioxidants! Berries, green tea, coffee, dark chocolate (yum), vitamin A rich foods, oranges and more!

Hopefully these five quick tips help you stay safer from air pollution!

For those of you affected by the fires, our hearts go out to you, stay safe and healthy everyone.

Fueling you to be the best version of YOU. ♥

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