For many folks, this month means BACK TO SCHOOL for the kiddos! 🍎

If this is you, you might be looking forward to having a bit of a break! But it also means that now you have the added stress of planning and prepping lunches and snacks in advance. Let's be real: it can be a struggle to find healthy snacks that the kids actually want to eat, right? 😳!

But fear not: we've curated another great box this month with some favorites for the WHOLE FAM! From better-for-you cookies to superfood energy powder, we've got you covered.

(Now, if you don't want to share them with anyone else - we promise we will NOT judge 😉)


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Well Told Health

Did you know ➡️ if you live north of the 37th parallel, you likely have a vitamin D deficiency? ☀️⁠ YEP! The Northern hemisphere doesn't get adequate amounts of UVB from the sun (especially in the winter), which is crucial for sufficient vitamin D production.⁠ Regardless of where you live, if you work indoors, you are most likely vitamin D deficient as well. Vitamin D is SO important for a strong immune system, bone & teeth health, and even mood regulation⁠! That's why taking food-based supplement like this one, made with just 3 organic ingredients: mushrooms + spinach + quinoa, is so important! (Especially with the kiddos back to school - hello, germs!)

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Back-to-school likely means earlier mornings... which means you might experience a mid-afternoon slump! Teatulia lower-caffeine iced tea is just what you need. They cold brew organic black tea very slowly, which means it has less acid and thus is more smooth + less bitter. And they've put it in a can so you can grab it on-the-go!

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Energy + superfoods = a match made in heaven! Inside this powerful packet, you'll find clean and functional ingredients such as:⁠ organic caffeine from green tea (it has just 90mg of caffeine so you won't have a crash), Spirulina⁠, bee pollen, turmeric⁠, and more! It's perfect for a pre-workout or when you need an afternoon pick-me-up.

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You won't believe that this crunch-tastic treat is GRAIN-FREE and good for you! Finding high quality snacks that actually have a clean label and taste great is hard. But Paleonola uses real food from nature to help you spend less time worrying about what you’re eating and more time crushing the day. That's why we think this snack is perfect as a cereal, yogurt topper, or straight out of the bag!

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nud fud

Did you know that CACAO has more antioxidants than KALE⁉️ Yes, it's true! ORAC, or oxygen radical absorbance capacity, is a scale used by scientists to rate the antioxidant activity of food.⁠ Raw cacao powder (100G) has an ORAC value of 95,500... while kale only has an ORAC value of 1,700!⁠! Now, we're not exactly telling you to ditch your greens for chocolate (sorry!), but we definitely encourage you to get some cacao in your diet. (Note, we said CACAO not cocoa: cacao is the unprocessed form.) One way to do that? Enjoy these incredible cacao-covered bananas!

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Partake Foods

Yes, these triple chocolate cookies taste as great as they look... And not to mention, are:⁠
✓ Gluten-free
✓ Vegan 
✓ Top-8 allergen free⁠
✓ Made with just a few, simple ingredients⁠!

So toss the other processed cookies that are hanging out in your pantry (after you take a look at the ingredients - gross!) and enjoy these goodies instead. YUM!


Wipala Snacks

This fun brand creates healthy snacks with a high nutritional content, using only Andean ingredients from the 4 regions of Ecuador. Their goodies are also organic, vegan and allergen free! And you get to try their organic banana quinoa bar AND their mango kale fruity bar. BTW - we promise your kiddos (and/or hubby) won't taste the kale ;)

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Artisana Organics

You know we love our nut butter over here at CLEAN.FIT! It's versatile (you can enjoy it savory OR sweet!), packed with great micronutrients and brain-boosting fats, and it's so. dang. delicious! We particularly love Artisana Organics because they take only the finest, cleanest, organic ingredients and blend them together for nut butter of our dreams. With flavors like cashew cacao (whoaaa) and mac-coco, your hardest decision will be which to try first!