🍁 September - Healthy Aging Month 🍁

Autumn is the time of year when the trees (and the veggies) get more colorful and we start enjoying the cooler weather! It is also the time of our lives when we need to think about creating healthy routines to help us age gracefully with plenty of vitality into our golden years. ♥︎

 Try these 5 Tips For a Safe & Happy Fall ⬇ 🍁

healthy aging

#1. Go Picking! Looking for a fun family friendly afternoon for your family? Get outside, enjoy the cooler weather and go pumpkin or apple picking this season. Give the kiddos memories that will last a lifetime and bring home some delicious fruits and veggies to incorporate into your meals.
#2. Eat Seasonally! Fall has so many vitamin packed veggies coming into harvest. Check out your local farmers market to scoop up some of your favorite fall flavors!
#3. Outside Chores! Did you know that 30 minutes of raking leaves can burn up to 150 calories? Get outside, ditch the leaf blower and break out the manual rake for some healthy outdoor exercise that will help you maintain your yard for those chilly evenings by the firepit.
#4. Schedule Checkups. Part of healthy aging means staying on top of your routine checkups with your doctor. Make sure to discuss any screenings that you might need to prevent future illness, especially for those over 40. 
#5. House Checkup. Autumn is a great time to do regular checkups inside your home as well. Check your homes safety features like smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors to make sure batteries are full. Also check your fire extinguishers to make sure they are easily accessible and at full pressure. Don't forget to check HVAC filters as well, they need to be changed every few months.

Panai Freeze-Dried Banana

We're going banana's for this freeze dried snacking option. Made with no additives, preservatives or chemicals these pure fruit goodies are guilt-free snacks. Vegan, Gluten-Free, Sustainably Farmed and Organic Certified they can be used for straight snacking or in smoothies, yogurt, granola, ice cream, pancakes and so much more!

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Wonder Matcha

Been wondering about the mushroom trend lately? Give it a try with this magical blend of functional mushrooms and adoptogens. Lightly sweetned with monk fruit powder this ceremonial grade matcha will increase focus, cognition and blood flow as well as helping you decrease anxiety and stress. High antioxidants and polyphenols improve overall health, digestion and decrease bloat. Add it to your morning coffee for an extra boost!

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Blender Bombs

The newest Bomb Bar is a protien dream! Cookies & Dream is packed with 10g of pea protien to help super (food) power your day. It's the sweet treat everybody knows and loves...a little chocolate, a little vanilla. Blueberry Goji is the perfect blend of a little tart and a little sweet, and is a great alternative to crave that sweet tooth. Packed with plant-based superfoods and a flavor punch, these bars will leave you feeling full and happy. Bomb bars are the perfect go-to snack when the sugar cravings hit!

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Raw Rev

An indulgent vegan protein bar made from natural whole food ingredients. The dreamy bar is creamy smooth and rich, no chalky artificial taste like other protein bars. Raw Rev Bars are packed with 11g of protein and only 3g of sugar to fuel a workout or your workday. Vegan, Keto-friendly, plant-based, low-carb and gluten-free so no matter what your lifestyle you can get your Glo on!

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Empowered Cookie

Empowered Cookie Chocolate Chip Walnut bar is their best seller! It's no wonder why with an irresistible blend of dark chocolate chips, walnuts and just a hint of cinnamon. Hints of lavender compliment the bright lemon zing of the Lemon Lavender spring inspired cookie. These soft-baked, moist and chewy cookies helps make everything right in the world. Empowered Cookies are also shelf-stable with an 8 month shelf life at room temperature.

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