June 2020 CLEAN.FIT Box

June 15, 2020



 We've got that summertime, summertime SNACKness... 🎵 🤣  Here's what's inside the June CLEAN.FIT box!



  • COMPLETEATS: These adorable little cookies are packed with BIG flavor - plus, they are made with only a few real ingredients such as almonds, dates, and bing cherries - with zero refined sugar! Hello, sweet tooth ;)

  • RISE Nitro Cold BrewWe're #obsessed with cold brew in the summertime... and while our favorite cafe may not be open yet, we LOVE that we can enjoy cold brew at home with RISE! They infused organic coffee with Nitro for a creamy, dreamy flavor. Try adding nut milk for a latte!

  • SEEDIBLE: Open, Sesame! ...Butter, that is! This decadent, spreadable butter is made with seeds - not nuts, and is packed with goodness such as protein, healthy fats, fiber, and many important vitamins and minerals. Try it on a sandwich, in a smoothie, or on fruit - YUM!

  • Hoppy Planet Foods: These delicious treats are packed with only real, whole food ingredients - and are fortified with acheta (cricket!) protein! Did you know that acheta protein is one of the most environmentally friendly proteins of all animal protein? Plus, it's basically tasteless - we promise you won't be able to tell!

  • Kuli Kuli Foods: Move over, kale - Moringa is MORE nutritious and even easier to incorporate into your diet with this superfood powder! Add to smoothies, sauces, baked goods, or mix with water and drink as tea.

  • Acorn Bar: Acorns: they aren't just for squirrels anymore! These super-nuts are packed with brain-boosting omega-3's, fiber, vitamin E and more. And, they are sustainably sourced and surprisingly delish!

  • Gutsii Prebiotic Chocolate: You can have your chocolate and eat it too, with Gutsii! These sweet treats are packed with beneficial prebiotics, which are food for the good bacteria in your gut - promoting gut health!

  • BIENA Chickpea Snacks: Move over, potato chips - these crunchy and savory chickpea snacks are the goodies you've been waiting for. Plus they are grain-free and have plant protein, and are sure to please the whole family!

  • Prevail Jerky: We <3 our grass-fed jerky, and this is one of the best we've found in a while! It's extra tender, extra flavorful, and completely free of any yucky additives. You can thank us later!



BTW! We want to hear what you think! Let us know on Instagram and tag @clean.fit_box! We want to see your favorites, your box recipes and all of your yummy concoctions. If you tag us in a photo, you just might get a sweet treat. ;)

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