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September 15, 2020


With #WorkFromHome life, I have been feeling sluggish recently.  It can be hard to find motivation to get out of your sweats and conquer each day.  That’s why I have been using these energy boosting hacks to brighten my day! Keep reading to learn more!


1. Try some B12 vitamins!

According to a study done at Harvard University, around 20% of adults may have a vitamin B12 deficiency!  This may lead to lowered energy levels and lightheadedness.  So, ask your doctor and try a B12 supplement! The one I use is from Whole Foods, at 2,000mcg once a week. 

**This is what my doctor recommended due to my whole food plant based diet.


2. Do some stretching!

Movement exercises such as stretching and light yoga help to promote increased blood circulation throughout the body. Not only does this feel AMAZING, it will also help to boost your energy levels!  Besides, no one wants to feel stiff when you can feel limber and ready to conquer the day!


3. Reach for fiber and protein instead of excess starch and added sugar!

What we put in our bodies has a direct link to how we feel throughout the day.  Foods that are high in protein and or fiber will help keep you fuller for longer without feeling too full and weighed down.  On the contrary, consuming too much starch and added sugar will have you feeling sluggish… umm, no thank you!


4. Reduce your stress!

I know, I know, this is far easier said than done.  However, taking small steps to reduce your stress can make a world of difference!  Try meditation, morning mindfulness, journaling, painting, or whatever makes you RELAX! This will not only help you to feel more energized but also help you find your calm.


5. Get some sleep!

Not getting enough sleep at night can totally kill your energy the next day. Here are some things you can try everyday to help you get a better sleep each night! Ditch that screen at least an hour before bed, do not drink caffeine after 3pm, and try and get at minimum 8 hours a night!


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